Saturday in pics

Saturday was nice.

We had only one “anchor event” at 9:15, which was Ethan’s basketball game. After that, we didn’t have any plans. I did make a list of like 7 things I wanted to get done yesterday/ this weekend…but I ended up checking off only 2 (so far). The weekend isn’t over. 🙂

However, Asher has a swim meet this morning and we need to be there by 9:15. It’s scheduled to run until 2 pm. So that will eat up a bunch of the day. But, at least I don’t need to volunteer (we aren’t hosting) and it’s only 20 minutes away.

Breakfast w/ veggies:

Coco asked me the other day what I eat to incorporate veggies into my breakfasts (given my 2022 goal to eat a vegetable at every meal).

I snapped a pic on Friday morning. My current go-to breakfast has been two eggs, spinach and shredded Mexican cheese sprinkled on top. I make it in sort of a half omelet/ half over easy style. I just crack the eggs in the skillet and leave them alone, as if I were making sunny side up or over easy eggs. Then I sprinkle the spinach and cheese on top. Once it’s set a bit, I just fold it over until it’s relatively firm (to soften up the spinach and melt the cheese). When I’m done, the yolk is always still a little runny, so it’s like eating an over easy egg, but in omelet style! It’s delicious. I usually have a side of toast or 1/2 english muffin or something too.

The rest of Saturday:

I actually didn’t take pics of everything I did, so this title is a little misleading. 🙂

  • No pics of Ethan at basketball. They lost (narrowly, and to a really good team!). Oh well.
  • No pics while we cleaned up the house/ did a bunch of dishes.
  • No pics while we searched our house high and low for Ivan’s wedding ring which is MISSING. The last he remembers he took it off and set it on the dresser a few days ago…which was kind of full of “stuff” that day…But we’ve looked under the dresser, behind the dresser, and everywhere in between and no sign of it. UGHHHHHHHH. He spent 2 hours I think looking yesterday. We are a little concerned that it could have somehow gotten bumped off and into the garbage can (!!!) next to the dresser- and the garbage went out Thursday.
  • I had to run a few errands. 1st stop was library for some holds pickups. I grabbed them and was headed to check out, when I glanced across the library and saw a roaring fire in the fireplace in the Reading Room. I thought, “What’s my hurry?? To get to the grocery store? I need to sit for a few minutes.” 🙂 I had my current book in my purse anyway, so I plopped down in one of the big leather chairs and read a couple chapters. It was wonderful. 🙂
  • No pics of the grocery store. I spent more at the grocery store than I think I have EVER spent in my life at the grocery store!!! I just watched a report on our local evening news the other night about the increased grocery prices, but I didn’t think too much of it. I guess they were right. Hmph. It was a record breaking trip for me, in a bad way. yay.
  • I helped Asher clean his hamster’s cage (we cleaned Ethan’s hamster’s cage the other night). I had to stop and pick up hamster food at the pet food store too.
He runs in his little ball while his cage is occupied! 🙂
  • No pics of going in the hot tub with Ivan at dusk. It was great from my side- the (very cold) wind was hitting his side of the tub though! The hot tub is awesome in cold weather, but wind can be an issue, depending on the direction it’s blowing.
  • We spent the rest of the evening watching the Olympics! Despite my maybe negative sounding follow-up yesterday, I still adore watching the Olympics. The excitement, the camaraderie between the athletes, the whole world coming together….I just love the athlete interviews too, hearing their stories. We watched figure skating (women’s team event- this one 15 year old from Russia was out of this world good!!) Then some crazy snowboarding, where they board down a hill and basically fly off a ramp and do these insane flips and stuff in the air….looks like a disaster waiting to happen, in my mind, but it’s still pretty incredible. The boys are really into watching the Olympics too and enjoy it a lot, which makes me happy.
We multi-tasked and played the game of Life while we watched.

Off to shower and get ready for swim meet now. Have a good rest of your weekend… 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a good line up of books to read right now. More on my current reads later, but I’m grateful to the library and just for good books in general.

5 thoughts on “Saturday in pics”

  1. How are you liking the So Good They Can’t Ignore You book? I read it a while back and remember really enjoying it! (too bad my brain is like a goldfish and I retained none of the valuable information). I must pick it up again sometime 🙂

    Happy Sunday dude! Hope you guys find that ring!


    1. I’m really liking it so far! I’ve been on a Cal Newport kick this past year. Really like his podcast too. I’m only about 1/3 into the book but have been trying to jot down some notes. I hear you- I feel like I always forget everything I read too… 😬


  2. Hope you find the wedding ring!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the Olympics. I always love them too!

    And yes – grocery prices are just going up and up. We’re definitely spending more; I guess the kids are getting bigger and ARE eating more, too, but despite all my normal tricks for being frugal, there is no missing the fact that some items are just no available and the items that are there are more excited.


  3. your breakfast looks sooooo yummy! I’ll definitely try it maybe for dinner as I like sweet breakfast unless its’ avocado toast.
    my hubby lost his ring for a longggggg time. I almost gave up on him and one day he found it and is more careful now.


  4. I hope Ivan finds his wedding ring! That would be so stressful. Phil’s wedding ring is his late father’s ring so has extra meaning and significance!

    It was pretty cold here again this weekend so I was only outdoors for about an hour on Sunday. So those kind of weekends feel so long, especially since Will is at a stage where it’s hard to entertain him! Paul is easier so I know this will only get easier as the kids get older. I gathered a bunch of stuff to take to goodwill so that felt good as I had all these boxes and bags sitting around the house.

    That breakfast looks so good! I have been on an oatmeal kick for a good year+. But it is something I really enjoy eating and fills me up. But eggs are a delicious way to start the day and a great way to get some veggies in!


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