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Beautiful day/ sleepless night

After getting to bed too late last night (my fault/choice), I woke up around 3 am after a creepy dream. It had a very scary (and very realistic!) climax which jolted me awake and literally had adrenaline buzzing through me for a few minutes. It was a perfect representation of how the mind/physical body are united-the fear caused an actual…

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Holidays, Kids

Social Connection + Fun

Connection You hear a lot of talk about kids and the pandemic, how bad this all is for their social development and especially their mental health. I was just thinking how very grateful I am that overall, my kids are fine in this regard. (I know this is so not the case for so many, and my heart breaks for…

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Holidays, Misc.

Pre- Halloweening

Crazy- it’s October 29th already! Now only 2 days until Halloween. Besides working on the “Where’s Waldo” pumpkin, this week hasn’t felt particularly Halloween-y to me though. We still need to carve pumpkins! This always seems to get put off until the very last minute, every year. I don’t know why. Maybe we all like the idea of carving pumpkins…

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Housekeeping + Would You Rather

Housekeeping: First, a couple of quick housekeeping items. #1: If you are still accessing my site from the old URL, please take a quick moment to update however you access my blog to the new site! If you follow me on Feedly, I don’t think my posts will show up there anymore, unfortunately. You’ll have to add my…

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