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Some fall fun

I think because it’s been so warm, I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already October 13th today. But it is! We haven’t done too much yet in the way of “fall fun”. I’m thinking this probably isn’t going to be the year that we do “all the things” for fall. With the various house projects going on, the…

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Friday 5

Friday 5: fall books, XC, meals, WFH & workouts!

I haven’t done one of these in a long time! Feeling it today, though. 🙂 1- It is fall. Being the fall loving person that I am, I know it’s odd I haven’t addressed this fact yet on the blog. We are actually having a snap of cooler (but in a lovely, beautiful way, not cool/windy/rainy) weather right now. The…

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A productive/nice weekend

For the first time in a few weeks, we didn’t have a soccer tournament, AND Ethan’s league game was a home game (aka- the best kind of soccer game, 3 minutes from our house). It still felt plenty full, but simply being HOME more was just what I needed. I’ve mentioned I had been feeling kind of borderline anxious/ overwhelmed…

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Beautiful day/ sleepless night

After getting to bed too late last night (my fault/choice), I woke up around 3 am after a creepy dream. It had a very scary (and very realistic!) climax which jolted me awake and literally had adrenaline buzzing through me for a few minutes. It was a perfect representation of how the mind/physical body are united-the fear caused an actual…

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Social Connection + Fun

Connection You hear a lot of talk about kids and the pandemic, how bad this all is for their social development and especially their mental health. I was just thinking how very grateful I am that overall, my kids are fine in this regard. (I know this is so not the case for so many, and my heart breaks for…

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