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“3 Things I Did” Thursday

  1. I went back to the gym!

I hinted that I was planning to do this post-birthday, and I did! (pat self on back). My official return was on Monday afternoon, after an eye doctor appt. I had my eyes dilated, so I really couldn’t see to go back to work for a while anyway. But I could see fine to lift weights at the gym!

Yesterday I did round #2, a leg day. This time I went right after school drop off (so about 7:35 a.m.), which was perfect. The gym was QUIET and wonderful and I hope this time of day will keep working out.

“The Plan” for my return is:

M– shoulders/ triceps in gym

T– a home workout- restarted Morning Meltdown on Tuesday! Will just slowly cycle through, 2-3 workouts per week. May skip over some of the more focused strength workouts (since doing that in gym) and focus on full body or cardio for these- will see.

W– leg day in gym

Th– Morning Meltdown at home

F– back/ biceps in gym

S- not sure. May alternate either a 2nd leg day in gym (I used to always do 4 sessions in gym, including 2 leg days/week, but I feel like aiming for 3 is a good start), OR another MM home workout. May just depend on the week.

Sun- Rest/ walk/ and/or the MM Re-Vibe Recovery workout

gym shot from the mat where I did a core circuit finisher
Reprinted the MM calendar. I think this will be Round 3 for me? (I’m not planning, currently, to do the Doubles- but the singles calendar doesn’t list the actual workout name! So I just printed this one.)

2. I made butternut squash soup!

I’ve had a butternut squash sitting around for a couple weeks now that I needed to use….so last night I finally made butternut squash soup out of it.

mid-way through the process 🙂

I typically always use this recipe from thriftyjinxy.com. (Only difference is I never plan ahead enough so I usually don’t have heavy cream on hand- I just use milk and it always turns out just fine?)

I forgot to take an “after” pic…but mmmmm it is so good!! Perfect for this time of year.

Here’s a screenshot of her Pinterest page instead- haha!

Today I want to cook and shred some chicken. Sounds weird, but I love to top the soup with some chicken and red pepper. Adds some protein so it’s a more complete meal for me, and I love the chicken/ squash combo.

3. I started Season 2 of the Babysitters Club and read in bed with Ethan!

Last night was our “free” night of the week- no activities- so before bed we all watched 2 episodes of Season 2 of The Babysitters Club. So far, I like it! Ivan seems like he can definitely take or leave it….and the boys, especially Ethan, find it “cringey”.

He kept yelling out, “CRINGE!!!” when the young teenaged girls would be carrying on about some “girl drama”, as he calls it….lol!! The girls also talk about their “crushes” and stuff like that, which, of course, is also….. “CRINGEY!!!”.

I think they’ll keep watching it anyway, and it’s still fun to have something we can all watch together. (Mostly for me, because I was obsessed with the book series as a kid.)

Asher crashed out early since he had 5:30 a.m. swim yesterday, but Ethan and I read in his bed together for a little bit. 🙂 He was into his book, I was into mine…it was nice.

a nice alternative to reading TO your child…when he is 13.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that I had orthodontics and good dental care as a child.

2 thoughts on ““3 Things I Did” Thursday”

  1. I watched the first season of BSB during my maternity leave. I will have to watch the 2nd season sometime this winter. Phil would 100% NOT watch it! Our overlap of shows is so narrow. I know you guys watch TIU together – Phil saw part of an episode and said it was way too dramatic for him. Every time he saw me watching it, he’d say “tonight, on a very special episode of This Is Us” in a very dramatic voice. Then there was an episode where they actually said that at the start! Lol. I am bummed that show isn’t coming back until after the new year and it’s the last seasons. That is one of my favorite shows!

    Good for you for getting back to the gym! Well done! I’m sure you’ll get back into the habit in no time. In 3 weeks or so, it will just be part of your life again. Those early weeks are always the hardest when you are establishing a new routine! I’m trying to figure out how to structure my weeks, too, and have landed on 3 MM workouts, 3 shorter runs, and then a rest day where I walk and sometime do one of the revibe type of workouts. That means I sometimes do the MM workouts out of order since I’m not doing them every day like the program was intended. So I’ll skip ahead to 16 and then do 15 later. I like those revibe workouts, though. It feels good to focus on stretching – that is something I’m not good at! As the weather gets colder, my running will really drop off although I think my neighbor is hoping I’ll keep running with her. Which I’m probably open to doing as long as it’s above 0? We’ll see. So eventually I will do the MM like it was intended to be done!


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