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Using “the happiness equation” to solve my crabby mood

I seriously debated not writing a post this morning because I am CRABBY. Went to bed crabby, woke up crabby. Dang it. Was hoping it would magically disappear while I slept. Why am I crabby, you may ask? That is an excellent question. I am crabby because my evening last night didn't go exactly the… Continue reading Using “the happiness equation” to solve my crabby mood

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A strange household disaster

 I ended up missing my blogging window yesterday morning, thanks to a watermelon.Yes, a watermelon ruined my morning yesterday. Hmph. I have a pretty bad habit of buying large fruit items that require chopping and then letting them sit on the counter for many days before actually getting up the gumption to spend 10 minutes slicing/dicing/chopping/storing… Continue reading A strange household disaster

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Feeling a bit…..something this morning. Not exactly sure what. Sort of a mix between overwhelmed and frustrated. Maybe a touch of anxious and…irritable? I don’t even know. I feel conflicted, too. About several different things.The weekend was awesome- truly, as you saw in my post yesterday, Ethan’s birthday was such a highlight. But I did… Continue reading Dilemmas