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Lazy, Rainy Sunday

Ohhh, this was one of those lazy mornings that just felt so indulgent.

I was up late last night – it was probably close to midnight before we finally went to sleep. We don’t have any plans today and I got a sort of “second wind” after half dozing through a movie with the kids and Ivan. The kids didn’t even get to bed until probably at least 10:30 and then we ended up puttering around the house a little bit and then randomly watching part of some old Will Smith movie that I had never seen or heard of.

Ivan has this weird habit of finding totally old, random movies on TV before bed on movie channels I didn’t even know we had, and then I find myself sucked into watching bits and pieces of them sometimes…. Ha. (I know you’re not supposed to watch TV in bed or right before sleep, but we don’t personally really subscribe to that belief in our household. 😊 )
A beautiful tree! Not mine, but on a nearby street. Passed it on a walk yesterday and snapped a picture. 

Last night, I knew it was going to rain overnight and most of the day today, so I cracked our window open and planned to sleep in. I woke up sometime around 7:30 to the most beautiful sound.

 It was indeed raining, just a steady, easy rain, and Ethan was downstairs playing Clair de Lune on the piano. (He didn’t practice yesterday, despite having ample opportunities in the day, so we told him he needed to practice doubletoday- a full hour- before he could touch video games this morning. Hence the 7:30 a.m. practice session…) The sound was drifting up through the vents into my room, though it sounded as if the music were coming from outside in the rain! He then switched to a Mozart Sonata that he recently started learning which has beautiful, melodic runs in it. (posting a link below in case you’d like to enjoy a few minutes of great music this morning 😊)

The combination of my dark room, the cool air from outside, the soft rain sound and his light piano music was heavenly. I felt the perfect combination of comfortably relaxed and still a bit sleepy. The moment didn’t last long- shortly after he switched to a more upbeat piece and I decided to get up- but it was a brief, lovely, peaceful moment to start my day. 

As I said, we have no real plans for the rest of today. After a few days in a row of glorious weather, I am feeling okay with a lazy, rainy day. I do have some indoor things I’d like to get done and feel happy to have a sort of blank slate ahead of me today. I’m hoping to carve out a little quality time with the boys today too- they have been doing a LOT of outdoor play lately, which is great- but in a way I feel like I haven’t seen them too much in the last couple days! 

I was pretty busy and active yesterday- I was up early, took a walk, did my Range and Repair stretching workout, took Ethan to his tennis lesson, had a wonderful chat with a friend who lives near the tennis court, ran an errand, made a very delicious Zucchini and Corn Chowder that we paired with a salad and Olive Garden breadsticks, made cupcakes with the boys, cleaned up the kitchen, spent a couple hours painting deck rails outside (which is just awkward and makes my back hurt, all hunched over) while Ivan cut the grass, read a book, took a long walk over to Walgreens with Ivan to buy some more popcorn, and then we ended the night watching “Groundhog Day”.

I felt pretty “meh” about the movie. I thought I remembered liking it back in the day, but I felt it was not that exciting and I kept dozing off and trying to stay awake. (That is not necessarily indicative of the quality of the movie, however- I do that a lot…. Lol!)

A couple pics of the Zucchini/ Corn chowder! 

Recipe from the Little Spice Jar website, recipe here. (It was so good! Everyone liked it. Highly recommend! I added an extra jalapeno but it doesn’t need to be spicy at all).

Steps: 12, 458
Meditate: Ah, darn. I did not. I didn’t do it in the early a.m. and then never really thought about it again. This is why routine is important for me! I did remember close to bedtime but decided not to try to do it at 11 p.m. as I knew it would just make me start falling asleep and I wouldn’t get anything out of it. Will double up today!
Read: 45 minutes
Daily Gratitude: I am grateful for lazy, rainy days! Sometimes a good rainy day- or even better, a light thunderstorm- can just be so relaxing and romantic. I am especially grateful when the rainy days can line up with a day that I have no other plans and can actually just enjoy the lazy day. It’s never as much fun if these days come when you have an outdoor picnic planned, for example….so I’m grateful that today’s rainy day is a welcome one. 

3 thoughts on “Lazy, Rainy Sunday”

  1. It was a rainy day here, too. I started on Saturday night and basically never stopped all day. We were outside a lot on Saturday so it made it tolerable. I was really tired after I woke up as I didn't sleep great the night before so my husband asked me if I wanted to go lay down again and I said YES! So I got another hour of sleep which was much needed while they played basketball in our basement. It's nice that your boys are at an age where their piano playing is enjoyable! I taught piano lessons in high school so I know there is a stretch of learning where it's not exactly pleasing to the ears. 😉


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