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An “Off” Day

The purpose of this blog for me was to be a place to share some of my personal life, as well as to be a place to talk about positivity, gratitude, productivity and just overall well-being- sort of my own little journey of personal growth, I guess you could say.

 That being said, one concern I have had is that I never want it to come across as if I am some kind of magic guru who has this stuff all figured out. I most certainly do not! I think that’s precisely why I enjoy talking about all these topics so much, since I am still very much a work in progress myself.

Yesterday was proof of that. Basically, I did everything wrong! I know better, but I still managed to have a pretty “off” day and made lots of classic mistakes. When Ivan got home and asked how my day went, I kind of wrinkled up my nose and shook my head, basically saying, “Eh, not so good.” I need a do-over. 😊

In trying to figure out exactly what went wrong, I thinkthe biggest issue was lack of planning. I felt totally disorganized all day. This is not unique to me- I actually have this issue quite often, despite the fact that I am in many ways “a planner” (I.e. I make goals, lists, keep calendars, keep a habit tracker….).

I have a friend who once said I am a “disorganized, organized” person and I think that actually sums me up very well. This is something I am constantly striving to improve in my life!

Issues yesterday:

-hadn’t looked at any of the kids’ new school assignments until Monday morning- super bad plan!!

-no plan/schedule in place for the day! I hadn’t sketched out my work hours vs helping kids hours as I often do, which normally helps keep me on track

-hadn’t left the kitchen in good shape Sunday night, meaning I took a big chunk of time right away Monday morning trying to get the sink cleared and house in order before I could think straight (=time slipping away….)

-accidentally had my alarm set for 6:00 instead of 5:00, which completely threw off my morning routine

-planned to get groceries (or have Ivan stop after work) but hadn’t actually made a list (or meal plan!) on Sunday, which I then ended up doing while trying to help the kids get their week situated… leading to this disorganized feeling

– lack of schedule = internal chaos for me. Since I didn’t have clear cut times laid out of when to help the kids vs when to work, I was “kind of” helping them, but also mostly just wanting to get to work. I ended up short- tempered and not really that helpful to them (or focused on work!). I mostly just felt crabby and disoriented. As a result, I ended up starting work too late, leading to not getting enough done, leading to me having to work later in the evening after dinner! Grrr. (On the plus side- those after dinner hours were quiet, uninterrupted, focused and productive.)

Love this quote! I really think this is true. 

 But, that’s okay! Honestly, it all felt very “not so good” in the moment yesterday, but today is a rest day from my workout plan, so I have some extra time this morning. I’m going to attempt to map out the day and try to turn it around for the rest of the week!
A couple silver linings in the day:
 I still got my morning walk in with Ivan and I made this very delicious Shrimp and Broccoli Pasta dish (was on the meal plan from last week, but we never ended up making it last week). I took a quite luxurious, long, hot shower before bed last night too which was a nice little reset.
Pasta recipe here from A pretty basic, simple alfredo recipe but I really liked it! I’ve made it several times before. 

Steps: 10,181 (I may have literally been marching in place in the basement when I finished working, watching the 10 pm news to get these steps in!!)
Meditate: Done! 
Read: Not a chance yesterday. 

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for some good sleep lately. I am not usually one to sleep “a lot” or even probably “enough”, but I do start to feel it if I don’t get quality sleep for long stretches. I am grateful that I have been sleeping solidly through the night with no night time wake-ups or those dreaded nights where you wake up and just can’t fall back to sleep! I’m grateful for what has felt like pretty restorative sleep the last couple of weeks. 

1 thought on “An “Off” Day”

  1. We all have those off days and it's good to be honest about it so others can see we all have these days! I definitely don't get the sense that you have it all figured out, though! I don't feel like any mom does in general and definitely not in the circumstances we are living under! I have definitely had my fair share of off days, especially when our 2 year old was home with us for 7 weeks. I was so so crabby some evenings and my husband would be like, 'did something happen?' But it was just general life and feeling like I was burning the candle at both ends between managing work and our toddler. I still have my off days, especially lately with stuff going on at work, so I can relate to how you felt this week!


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