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An irritable Friday morning but working to re-frame :)

I woke up feeling "edgy' today. Probably just the cumulative effect of the busy week + the swim meet kicks off tonight + I am so tired of looking at my email inbox and dealing with stuff and people. My mood/ state is one where everything is just irritating me this morning, and I need… Continue reading An irritable Friday morning but working to re-frame đź™‚

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24 Hour Gratitude Challenge 2022

Yesterday I recorded something I was grateful for, every hour, on the hour. Sharing today in honor of Thanksgiving! I'm grateful..... 06:00..... That our main grocery store is open 24 hours/day, allowing me to go during Asher's 5:30 a.m. swim practice and miss the rush later. 07:00.... for Asher's swim coaches, and the strange hours… Continue reading 24 Hour Gratitude Challenge 2022

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Appointment overload + a gratitude spotlight

As is often the case with me and my blog, I have two very random things on my mind this morning. (This is precisely why I don't do "themed" posts or plan what I'll write about in advance. These extremely insightful posts I write.... they just have to come to me, like a lightning bolt… Continue reading Appointment overload + a gratitude spotlight


Officially fall (aka “gratitude season”)

It's officially fall today! The weather is taking a sudden dive precisely on the Autumn Equinox here today- it was 85 on Monday, and here is the current temp and forecast: Probably going to feel a bit shocking! But 'tis the season. We are also moving officially into what I consider "the holiday season". It… Continue reading Officially fall (aka “gratitude season”)