Hello. Didn’t really feel like writing today, because I don’t actually feel like doing anything right now. I am all discombobulated at the moment. 🙂 But, sometimes even a few minutes of writing something down can help, and I know deep down that I thrive best on routines…and writing has become part of my morning routine. So I’m sticking with…

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Kids, Misc.

Misc. Thursday thoughts & family rulings

“Your first thought in the morning should be “thank you”. You can choose whatever you want for the second.” We definitely should be saying “thank you” every morning. God (or whatever/whoever you personally believe in) has granted us another day to be alive!!!! That is pretty awesome and amazing. Today is Thursday. I like Thursdays. The kids have early release…

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Gratitude, Weekends

Saturday attitude and gratitude :)

OKAY Wisco weather, very funny. Today I woke up to a real temperature of -6 and my iphone cheerfully informed me that the wind chill was -20. AND, this time, it is also snowing. How can it even snow when it’s that cold?? I thought that was like, a meteorological impossibility. Ah, well. There is a light at the end…

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Gratitude, Life

5 Good Things

1- Finally getting my Christmas decorations taken down!! I love Christmas so much, but there does come a point when I’m like, okay, it is OVER. Could the magic Christmas fairy please come in and just remove everything now?? 🙂 Since we we left for vacation right after New Year’s, I didn’t have a chance to deal with any of…

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Deep thoughts, Gratitude

Three Things Thursday + Lights!

I love collecting quotes. In fact, I need to come up with a better system for saving them. I have some in my “notebook”, some are in an email folder, some saved on Instagram, others I never do save and end up losing…. 3 that I’m loving this week: 1. “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that…

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