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Happy file + Friday funnies

I keep a folder in my email that I refer to as my “happy file”. It’s a place where I save things that are either interesting, insightful, funny, or inspirational. Basically anything that I might want to look back on- but not things like, a tax document I need to save. 🙂 It comes in handy for me quite often,…

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Friday 5: Loving

5 things I’m loving at the moment: 1. WEEKLY REVIEW: I am in love with my relatively new “weekly review” process on Fridays. (See post here for more details.) I actually find myself looking forward to it. Knowing that I have time blocked off to just deal with many loose ends + time to proactively look ahead at next week…

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Housekeeping + Would You Rather

Housekeeping: First, a couple of quick housekeeping items. #1: If you are still accessing my site from the old URL, please take a quick moment to update however you access my blog to the new site! If you follow me on Feedly, I don’t think my posts will show up there anymore, unfortunately. You’ll have to add my…

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Good Things Thursday

 The week has been chugging along pretty quickly over here. It’s been a good week, I’d say. I have felt quite productive and generally very focused at work, despite having a lot of random balls in the air at home this week too. I have taken my social media time down to <30 minutes a day and also recently took…

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  The kids crossing the field together. 💓 So beautiful. Like I mentioned, we took a little road trip yesterday to visit our old neighbors who moved away in August, out into the country 2 hours north of us. The boys and the little girl grew up together, and were best of friends. The tres amigos hadn’t seen each other since…

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