Laugh it up!

While I was eating a salad at my desk yesterday afternoon, I read this article called Why You Need a Humor Audit: the Benefits of Laughter. I like humor and I really do love to laugh, so it was intriguing to me.

Two “humor experts” are interviewed for the article, and the main premise is that humor and laughter are really quite essential for “health, creativity, relationship building and negotiating power”.

One quote stood out to me:

The average 4 year old laughs up to 300 times per day. The average 40 year old laughs that many times in 2.5 months!”

-Naomi Bagdonas

I can TOTALLY see this being true!! I think back to when the boys were little and they would just laugh and laugh and laugh about the goofiest things. Those hilarious, all out, cackle type laughs that are just infectious! I’m pretty sure there are soundtracks out there on the internet of “babies laughing” because that sound really is just so great. 🙂

I took the “Humor Audit” offered in the article (because online quizzes are the perfect stalling tactic to not start working after your lunch break 🙂 ).

There are apparently 4 “types” of humor:

  1. Stand-Up = bold, natural entertainers, often lean toward “teasing/ making fun” type of humor
  2. Sweetheart = subtle, uplifting humor, earnest, honest and under-stated
  3. Sniper= edgy, sarcastic, nuanced. They often joke to make a point (not to simply “uplift” people) and sometimes cross the line.
  4. Magnet= affiliative and expressive, big personality that gets everyone laughing, outgoing, warm, charismatic, avoid controversial humor.

Here were my results:

Humor Type= Sweetheart. (Though I scored fairly high on the Magnet type as well.)

  • prefer to plan out humor in advance vs make it up on the fly
  • can get behind a good natured prank as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings
  • emotionally aware and will carefully consider how humor will land on others
  • prefer your humor to fly under the radar. You don’t need the spotlight.
  • However, you differ from most Sweethearts in that when telling a joke, your delivery is vivid and full of emotion.
  • You are generous with your laughter.
  • You aren’t afraid to lean into humor in high stakes situations to alleviate tension
  • You’re quick witted and great at coming up with humorous quips on the spot.

I think it’s pretty accurate!! I especially agree with the part about me NOT needing the “spotlight” (NO THANK YOU) and trying to always be careful about how humor will land on others. I know I have a tendency to try to use a little humor/ quips to lighten the mood if a situation feels tense or awkward, too. It’s a pretty comprehensive quiz (they use it for a course on humor at Stanford).

One final tip I liked from the humor experts, was to “let yourself laugh if something is even remotely funny.” They said to “push” yourself into full out laughter every chance you get, even if you normally might just kind of say, “Huh!” about something.

It’s kind of like gratitude + the priming effect- the more you practice laughing and being light hearted, the more you start seeing things as funny and life as more light hearted. There are actual chemical and physical benefits in our bodies to laughing more too!

The time in my life I think I laughed the most was during my middle school years with my two best friends. We used to laugh so hard about who even knows what until we had tears streaming down our faces and we would do what we called the “silent laugh”….laughing SO HARD we couldn’t even make a sound and our stomachs hurt. Oh….I miss those days. 😊❤

Check out the humor audit!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a strong internet connection at our house! Those days that there’s ever a hiccup with the internet are brutal and it makes me realize how dependent we are on it.

4 thoughts on “Laugh it up!”

  1. We lost Internet for 3 hours today, and it sucked. My husband and I struggled to work, and my son couldn’t call in to his virtual classes. He would have loved it if that meant more YouTube and video game time, but he was so bored. We ended up doing a ton of smaller LEGO sets, but then we had to make up homework later in the evening.


    1. Haha, I can only imagine that at my house!!! My boys would be the same exact way. In a way maybe it was nice to have some “forced” non-screen time, though I know mine would also have been hoping that no school = more video games. 🙂


  2. I am also the sweetheart style! I think my husband is probably the sniper? He is VERY funny. He writes a humor section for his company’s monthly finance publication. Before we got married, one piece in the section was a fake go fund me page for our wedding. We printed it off and put it in a frame and set it out at our reception. It gave people an idea of who he was. He also gave a very funny but also very sweet speech at our wedding. He has a very dry and sharp sense of humor. The most common phrase I say is ‘that’s not funny’ as I take things more seriously and don’t see the humor in as many situations as he does! But he does make me laugh and take life less seriously! Having kids definitely makes me laugh more than I would otherwise! And I can’t wait to get to the baby giggle stage. That is the best sound!!


  3. This is so interesting. I’ve realized that I rarely laugh out loud anymore… but I smile when I’m with “my people”. So, am I just not a laugh-out-loud kind of person? It’s also been fun (ha) to see how much more I smile when I see my family on Zoom. I spend most of the time smiling at how we are all just as we are in person (case in point: Friday, no one could get a word in edgewise because my mother was on a tear!).On a whim, I took that humor audit and learned (to my surprise) that I am also a sweetheart. I have a very (very) dry, sarcastic sense of humor, but I don’t use it against people. I am NOT a joke teller, stand-up is my worst nightmare, and I also hate being the center of attention.

    I imagine the boys make you smile a lot – even when they’re driving you bonkers? 🙂


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