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Happy May Day! New month + April recap

New month! And, it’s May- which means we are officially out of my least desired two months of the year- March and April. From here it’s mostly smooth sailing. Weather will warm up pretty soon now consistently, then summer is always lovely, followed by my favorite (fall), and on to the holidays/winter, both seasons I really like. Once that yucky…

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Good among the not-so-good

The week is chugging along in an odd way, but since time doesn’t stop for anything, here we are at Thursday. 🙂 Without disclosing more than I care to in this space, I will speak for myself only and say that I currently feel great (physically). However, a COVID+ contact has been struggling with some significant symptoms, which has the…

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red purple and yellow tulip fields

Happy Spring

My phone says it is 28 degrees outside, but it is technically spring. So, Happy Spring!! 🙂 I love tulips and they of course seem to be the universal sign of spring, although we definitely do not have any tulips blooming around here yet. Actually, we don’t have any tulips in our yard. I wish we did, though. Maybe I…

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Fake spring & workout completion!

I knew it would happen….it always does. We had the most gorgeous weather last week. We hit 60 degrees, the kids even wore SHORTS to school almost everyday (ridiculous- it was not that warm, but whatever. I am 100% over arguing with small people about what they will or will not wear, considering that it also wasn’t so cold that…

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