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Happy file + Friday funnies

I keep a folder in my email that I refer to as my “happy file”. It’s a place where I save things that are either interesting, insightful, funny, or inspirational. Basically anything that I might want to look back on- but not things like, a tax document I need to save. 🙂

It comes in handy for me quite often, specifically if I’m in a bad mood. I like to browse it and just open up a few items and see what I can find. A large majority of saved items are from either 5amJoel’s daily emails or quotes from James Clear’s weekly 3-2-1 newsletter, which are my two favorite mailing lists (as you may have noticed, I shared from these often). Sometimes, I’ll save a good meme or article and I also sometimes just email myself a great quote I want to remember.

Yesterday was a day that I needed my happy file! I found myself WORRYING somewhat incessantly about something that is: a) really ultimately NOT IMPORTANT in the grander scheme of life (at all) and b) out of my own personal control. I’ve admitted freely on this blog that I have a tendency to worry! No shame here- it’s a fact of my life and I’m working on it. 🙂

Still doesn’t mean that I like this about myself! I am at least very aware of it now when I do it- but I find it exhaustingly frustrating when I know what I’m doing is wrong, yet I can’t really stop it either. Ha.

Anyway, I went digging in my file with a particular image in mind:

Joel made this a while back and I loved it. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared it here before. It is such a great visual!

I also ran across what is maybe my favorite comic of all time:

Bahahaha!! Flower smelling champion!!! 😂 There is a little sick part of me that can kinda relate to the crazy Type A guy??! Hahaha. I just love it. So funny!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for big hugs.

2 thoughts on “Happy file + Friday funnies”

  1. Ha! That type A cartoon is so me, too. I have a folder on my work email for feel good emails. I put positive praise, thank you emails etc in that folder and look at them when I am feeling frustrated about something. It helps!!

    I’m a worrier, too. I am getting better at managing it as I get older but it is still a challenge.

    Have a great weekend and stay warm. It’s going to be terribly cold here so I imagine you are getting the same weather. So I am very thankful for a warm and cozy home!!


  2. very true. we tend to worry on things that we can’t control, it’s a good reminder to step out and change the perspective. good idea to have a happy file.when it happens to me, I like to browse old pictures of my girls. it always put a smile on me and realise what really matters.


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