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Information and overconfidence in decision making… plus other misc.

Some misc. things today..... 1- I read a short story about decision making yesterday: A psychologist gathered up 8 professional horse handicappers and told them he wanted to see how well they could predict the winners of horse races. Their test was to predict 40 horse races in four rounds. In round 1: Each gambler… Continue reading Information and overconfidence in decision making… plus other misc.

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3 small things making a positive impact

There have been 3 relatively small things that have been making a positive impact on me lately. I won't claim that I'll continue these forever, but for now, they seem to be helping. #1: Laying out my clothes before bed. I usually just put on workout clothes first thing in the morning, so it's not… Continue reading 3 small things making a positive impact

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Positive quotes

Every morning in my little "highlight journal", I jot down a positive quote. (In between my daily summary paragraph (top part) and my bullet journal style recap (bottom half) which tracks my workouts, meals, accomplishments, gratitude, etc.) I thought I'd share a few I've written down lately: "Don't base your decisions on the advice of… Continue reading Positive quotes

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Picking your battles wisely (with kids)

A friend shared a post on Facebook yesterday that I absolutely loved. These are the types of posts that I truly live for on social media- it felt insightful, relevant, valuable and it spoke to me. I clicked "save!" "save!" as fast as I could. 😉 The main point I took away was that parenting… Continue reading Picking your battles wisely (with kids)

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“The Three R’s” lesson + misc. life

My Don't Sweat the Small Stuff desk calendar taught a good lesson this week, spread out over the last few days. Thought I'd share it here for your benefit, too. 🙂 It said (in summary): To become a less reactive, happier person, remember the three R's: 1- Responsive Act appropriately to the actual issue at… Continue reading “The Three R’s” lesson + misc. life