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The weather/happiness equation and negativity sells??

Spring + The Happiness Equation

At least the flowers in my yard got the memo that it’s spring, because the weather seems to have forgotten this week. My current local temp is 30 degrees, with a high of 43 today. The rest of the week looks marginally better in the low 50’s (but that means the high).

All of this sadly reinforces my long held belief that spring is my least favorite season (by a landslide). Some people love it- I do not. I know I’ve talked about this before, so I’ll try to stop whining about it. It’s fine- it’s a season, it’s temporary! Thank goodness. I am NOT A FAN of windy, (too) cool, rainy spring weather, especially when it is “supposed” to be nice outside (in my mind).

I think that’s the kicker for me. I don’t mind brisk, chilly temps in late October as the leaves fall. It fits the little narrative in my head of a typical fall day. I also don’t mind a 20 degree snowy January day, bundled up with my scarf and boots.

But I do not really enjoy a day with sunshine, birds chirping, flowers blooming….and then 43 degree temperatures with wind gusts. 🙂

It’s the classic happiness equation from Solve for Happy (one of my all time favorite books!): Happiness = when Reality > Expectations. In the back of my mind I “expect” it to be semi-nice out (based on the calendar, looking out the window, etc.), so when I step outside and get blown over by a cold wind, I’m surprised and not impressed. Hehe!!! Reality < Expectations.

Negativity Sells?

One other random thought for today. I was reading some comments on a blog the other day (a much more established/ bigger site), and the site owner made an interesting observation. She said that her posts/ articles that get the most “hits” are always the ones where she talks about BAD stuff!! Things going wrong, her problems, etc. She had actual data to back this up, so it seemed pretty legit.

I guess this isn’t totally surprising to me. (Our local news website has a Top 5 Most Popular Articles section and I swear, #1 is always something like “2 DEAD AFTER LOCAL CRASH”. It’s never something good, like “LOCAL GIRL WINS STATE SPELLING BEE!”. Haha.)

But if this is true, it does make me a bit sad. I know it’s probably not intentional or ill willed- in reality I would guess it’s mostly just human nature and curiosity? Kind of like everyone slowing down to look at the fender bender on the highway. You just do it! 😆

I try to share lots of “good stuff” on this site, as much positivity as I can. (Hmm….maybe this explains why my blog is small potatoes? 🤔 Maybe I am going about this ALL wrong. LOL! Just kidding.) I guess if my (mostly) positive vibes don’t “attract” as many people, so be it! I feel pretty passionately about wanting to spread a little light, a little love, etc. in one way that I know how.

I do share plenty of negative things too, because that is just part of real life. I’d never want to pretend everything is always hunky dory! Of course it’s not.

Anyway, just an interesting observation! I feel like there is definitely a trend/ more people out there seeking out positive vibes, the good stuff, happiness, wanting to celebrate others’ wins, too. Not everyone is only clicking on the drama-filled, crisis-laden headlines. 🙂

What do you think? Do you find yourself more drawn in to negative articles/ posts? Or do you prefer the positive ones? I definitely mostly love things that inspire me, encourage me, lift me up….but am probably guilty of succumbing to click bait sometimes, too. 🤷‍♀️

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the flowering bush in the picture above! Unfortunately, it is located around the side, back corner of my house…so unless I specifically walk out to look at it, I can’t see it from anywhere in my house (or my deck). 😦

9 thoughts on “The weather/happiness equation and negativity sells??”

  1. I think for me it’s a mix. I love blogs that are generally positive and optimistic, but still honest about day to day challenges. That’s one reason I like reading blogs. It feels like it gives you a broader perspective rather than a highlight reel.


  2. I feel similar to Coco. Maybe some of those more negative posts are more relatable to others? Like the posts that seem to get the most comments on Sarah H-U’s blog are when she talks about parenting or career challenges. I think it makes others feel seen and understood? I like a mix of positive and ‘real life’. If someone was always negative, that would be a turnoff. Similarly if someone was always super positive, it would be less relatable?

    I don’t like spring either. It’s never really all that nice here. But I also don’t love winter because it is soooo long. I don’t mind winter during the winter months but when it stretches into March and April, it makes me cranky. I was hoping for better weather this weekend for the baptism but since all adults are vaccinated I feel ok about us all being indoors together. Phil will grill in the chilly weather but he doesn’t mind!


  3. I guess I like a balance. One thing I do like about blogs over social media is that they seem less filtered to show the ideal and instead actually share reality.

    I’m going to check that book out!


  4. It’s totally human nature to put a lot of attention to negatives, and the best explanation I have heard is that it is because of evolutionary need (for example when we were all living in the wild, we needed to be super alert to spot that tiger before it eats us.). I also read that media companies earn less money now since Trump left office!
    Haha I love your updates EVEN THOUGH you are mostly positive and grateful. 🙂


  5. Your spring is equivalent to our fall! Our fall is basically . . summer but more thunderstorms. Sometimes hurricanes. Meanwhile everyone is all “crisp air! Pumpkin spice!” and I just find myself sooooo annoyed 🙂 So yes – it’s the misplaced expectations and comparison that make it so much more challenging!

    I need to plan a leaf trip some fall to actually get ‘real’ fall but there are very few school days off then!


    1. You definitely need to plan an up north leaf trip!!! I also want to plan a real “spring” trip sometime to somewhere that has the beautiful springs I envision. I don’t even know exactly where that is, but I feel like maybe Savannah, Georgia would fit the bill?? I know D.C. looks like it has very pretty springs, too.


  6. i don’t have any seasons change anymore so i’m actually jealous of any season change, including spring which I agree hard to describe it.
    I prefer to read positive posts…. especially during the pandemic. if some blogger has too many negative posts, I stop following to protect my limited positivity 🙂


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