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Monday: gratitude goals, family time and kids’ books

Currently= 37, High= 70. Just a modest 43 degree spread….:) Seems a little crazy, but bring on 70! I love my calendar quote from today. The gratitude thing is always easy when everything goes your way, so I especially like the reminders that point out that the ultimate goal is to be grateful always– highs and lows. Practice, practice, practice…..…

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A fun start to the weekend

Last night felt like a busy, but fun, start to the weekend. Asher had received an invite to play laser tag right after school at a local bowling alley with the 5 other boys in his school cohort (same boys that are together all day, every day- plus masked). He was really happy to get to go do something SOCIAL!!…

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Trying assigned reading

I think I mentioned earlier this year that I decided for 2021 to try out the method of “assigning” myself a few books to read each quarter. The main reason for this is that I wanted to finally actually tackle some of the books on my “Want to Read” shelf in (the main place I keep track of books…

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Walking, talking and reading

Walking home On Monday I took a break to walk to meet the boys after school. They generally ride the bus home, but the stop is quite a ways from our house. I used to always meet them (or more often in cold weather, drive to pick them up), but now they are old enough to walk home together. (Other…

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Reading speed, running and volcanoes

Happy Friday. This was nice, solid week- fairly uneventful- and leading into a pretty open, probably fairly uneventful weekend. That’s cool with me. 🙂 Some highlights of the week…. 🔷 Good weather!! Everyone is talking about it around here. It’s been in the 40s and sunny this week, with forecasts of 50+ degree temps soon. Ivan’s cousin’s wife asked if…

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