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Christmas prep day

I feel like a new person after a couple days off. It definitely was a good call to take a re-do vacay day yesterday. I took a leisurely morning, headed out to finish up some shopping during the day (which was a SUCCESS, yay- it’s always a relief when you find good stuff! Especially 3 days before Christmas 😬 )…

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Holidays, Productivity

In a good place

(exhale/ big sigh of relief…..) I feel like I’m actually in a really good place with my big “Christmas To Do” list!! And it is such a relief, because it’s only November 29th. (Which is also my Dad’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Love you.) I have to say a word of gratitude though, for help from people. This year it…

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Still not ready for the week, but oh well

Monday was…okay. Really not going to be a day to go down in the history books or even my memory bank beyond probably today. HA. The thing is, if I enter the week with any sense of “chaos” in my head, I have the hardest time dialing in to focus and concentrate. And that was exactly what happened. My brain…

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Misc., Travel

Day-before-vacation list

Busy busy day today! We leave tomorrow for vacation! Woohoo!! TO DO LIST: ✅ Get up early and pound out some WORK! (check. Was typing away and responding to emails by ~6 am). ✅ 8:30 a.m. super quick bang trim appointment. (done) 🔲 More work!! Data deadline met early (as of Wednesday p.m!)- yay! That’s a relief. I have some…

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Did/ Did Not List

This was the first weekend in a long time that we had a pretty wide open/ empty weekend. (Well, after Asher’s Regional swim meet on Friday night, anyway.) I was almost giddy with excitement at the idea of just having large spans of time with NO plans again. Next weekend is Asher’s State for swimming, from Friday- Sunday out of…

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