February books

Sorry I didn’t hop on here yesterday. I woke up and decided that this was going to win for how I wanted to spend my little morning time: By the time I was done, I didn’t feel like blogging and all of that. It’s nice to mix up the routine sometimes. 🙂 It’s a new month again. February seemed to…

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Goals, Habits

1/12 ✅

And just like that, 1/12 of 2021 is over. Flipped the calendar to FEBRUARY already this morning. January always feels like a kind of long month, though I suppose it is one of the longer ones, technically. It was a nice month, for me. In a way it feels like forever ago that we were at Disney, but that was…

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Goals, Misc.

Thinking about

New month usually means new goals. Well, this month I don’t have any. This is currently how my monthly page in my notebook looks: Oh well. I’ll probably write something down, but I didn’t do the best on November’s goals so I can realistically just flip back a page and keep going…Ha. Basically this month though my goal is just…

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Home stretch

Today is December 1, 2020. We are in the home stretch now of 2020!!!! Woooo!!!! One month to go until a fresh start in 2021. Honestly, I don’t think anything will magically change when the calendar reads 2021. But given the general cultural, worldwide disdain for this year, I’ll go with the flow and hate on it for a second…

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Family Fun, Holidays

Halloween 2020 and on to November!

Halloween 2020 is a wrap. This is basically the end of “fall” to me, too, although November is obviously still technically fall. Things just start moving full steam ahead toward more of a Christmas feel I think, and the weather here usually turns colder, darker, windier, etc. Last night was a pretty quintessential “Halloween night” from a weather perspective- full…

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