SEPTEMBER. Reviving an old challenge??

New month! 9/1/2021. In honor of the month that houses the autumnal equinox (September 22 this year), here is a lovely FALL picture for you: I bought this little bookmark on our trip recently, even though the trees definitely did not look like that in August. I've always dreamed of being in New England in… Continue reading SEPTEMBER. Reviving an old challenge??

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Camp pick-up/ New Month/Social Media

First, I did finally successfully complete my grocery trip yesterday morning. Store was EMPTY, which I am certain was probably not the case last night or will be anytime today with the holiday weekend upon us. So happy to have a stocked fridge again! It was Ethan's last day at camp and Asher had summer… Continue reading Camp pick-up/ New Month/Social Media

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Happy May Day! New month + April recap

New month! And, it's May- which means we are officially out of my least desired two months of the year- March and April. From here it's mostly smooth sailing. Weather will warm up pretty soon now consistently, then summer is always lovely, followed by my favorite (fall), and on to the holidays/winter, both seasons I… Continue reading Happy May Day! New month + April recap