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Days of the week

A pretty red winged blackbird on my walk yesterday morning 🙂

The last few weeks, I have noticed that my “toughest” days of the week are Tuesday and Wednesday. Probably not surprising, I guess- I feel like this might be the case for other people, too.

Mondays I tend to feel fresh, ready to get back into the routine of the week. I like Mondays.

But then by Tuesday night, I start to feel a little bit weary. Not really in a bad way. I don’t hate Tuesdays and Wednesdays or anything. I think they just feel like the most “all in” days to me. The school week is in full swing, kids have sports practices, they need to practice piano, dinners have to happen, people should get to bed on time, it’s the peak of the workweek, etc.

Then by Thursday the mood shifts. The boys have early release days on Thursdays, too, so they are out by 1:45. They are generally in happy moods on Thursdays due to the extra free time, and they tend to feel more like a “fun day”. Evenings can still be busy, but there is a different vibe. For me, anyway.

Friday is just good old Friday. I like Fridays- not because the workweek is over (I like my job and I do not mind working). But I tend to have less extra stuff scheduled on Fridays. I like using them to really get a lot of work done, and I usually do my weekly review/ email clean out/ calendar prep on Friday afternoon. I look forward to that little planning session. Also, the after school time is typically kind of a free for all for the kids. They can play, relax, etc. I’m pretty hands off on Fridays.

Other Stuff:

🔷School is almost out!! Next week Friday, June 4 is the boys’ last day. WOW.

🔷They don’t have school Friday or Monday this week. either, due to Memorial Day. I am pretty sure they are kind of “checked out” already… seems like this last quarter went insanely fast.

🔷 I’m having a pretty decent reading month! I just finished Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport (more to come on this…definitely want to share some interesting tidbits from this one. Next up- Deep Work. I have it here waiting!). I am currently also reading Queenie (not too far into it yet but liking so far!). The last week or so I have returned to my old habit of reading non-fiction some time in the morning, and then fiction before bed/ other times that I read. Kind of enjoying mixing it up!

🔷I ALSO have been listening to The Glass Castle on audio from the library. (This was from my quarterly reading list. Except I somehow accidentally had put it on my “fiction” list! It is definitely not fiction. It’s a memoir.) I have mixed feelings on audiobooks, because they take away podcast listening time!!! And I love podcasts. But I’m making an effort to throw an audiobook in there now and then, one every couple months.

Thought of the Day:

It is better to know how to learn than to know. – Dr. Seuss

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for calculators. Did some budgeting work last night and calculators = very handy.

P.S. What’s your favorite day of the week??

2 thoughts on “Days of the week”

  1. I don’t do audiobooks for the reason you listed – they cut into podcast listening! Although I’m feeling more caught up on podcasts now that I’m doing more walks/runs so I might need to listen to an occasional one just to experience a different format. I haven’t read any Cal Newport books but would like to check one out sometime as others rave about him!

    Gosh, favorite day of the week is tough. I don’t love Mondays as they can be full of meetings (I don’t love meetings as many times they aren’t a great use of time). I guess it really varies for me based on what I have going on. Like today I have book club so I have been looking forward to this day for awhile as we are meeting in person in a member’s backyard. And that means I’ll miss Paul’s bedtime which has been pretty awful lately!


  2. I feel the same about days of the week. Monday and Friday are my fav days of the week. The least fav are Wednesday and Sunday, for obvious reasons 🙂 i haven’t read/finished any book this month as I don’t have much solo time these days other than when I’m running but that’s fine. I don’t force myself to read when I don’t fell like as I know I’ll get back to it when I’m ready.


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