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My reading has been quite mediocre lately. Things have just been busy.

I know, it’s not an excuse, but the reality is, there is only so much time in a day. And while it’s always about choices, I’ve been finding I either need (or want) to do some other things with little windows of time that I “could” choose to read in the evening. (Like, work on my photo project, work on our budget, or try to finalize details for our Aug. vacation. Or, just go for a later evening walk or hang out with Ivan/kids.)

(Another issue for me: because my job is sedentary, and I am “reading” charts a lot all day, sometimes during breaks/after work I want to do something more ACTIVE or something that doesn’t involve just sitting and doing more reading…usually after some time away from the computer I am still okay to read. But sometimes this can be a small problem.)

So, that being said, I’m still trying to fit in a little everyday at least. Just not tearing through books as fast as I might like to be. 🙂 Progress> Perfection.

🔷 Currently reading this book, a nonfiction anthropology book about the search for “the lost city of the monkey god” (a legendary ancient city supposedly hidden DEEP in the rainforest in Honduras).

After reading several books in a row that took place in either Europe or early North America, I was craving a book set in either South or Central America. My dad read this book and had given it to me a while back, so I plucked it from my shelf. 🙂 So far, after a bit of a slow start, I’m finding it VERY interesting!

Also, I don’t know a lot about Honduras. So this has been enlightening.

🔷 Others waiting in queue….

Both are from my Q2 quarterly reading list (which not surprisingly, I’m behind on, but oh well).

I started listening to the audio version of the highly acclaimed memoir, The Glass Castle, in April but ended up only listening to a little before it expired and then was on hold for other people. Ugh. (This one had been on my Goodreads “Want to Read” list for YEARS, so I finally decided to bump it up the queue.)

As I’ve mentioned before, I have just NOT been feeling audiobooks lately, sadly. I think I just really prefer reading to myself versus having it read to me. (But, I love podcasts. I think it’s the more conversational style of speech (compared to constant narrative from a book) that I find easier to listen to?)

Admission: A Novel was one that Lisa read, and it sounded like a light, fiction novel that would be fun. It’s about a high school senior aged girl whose parents engage in a college admissions bribery scandal, and probably manage to royally screw up her life. I rarely read this type of book, but it’s fun to mix it up. Plus, it’s summertime. Really looking forward to this one!

🔷 Ethan’s current read is called Google It: A History of Google.

He picked this up at the library and seemed to be devouring it yesterday (as in, I think he read almost 3/4 of it in one day?).

I flipped through it too and it DOES look really interesting!! I might need to add it to my list also. 🙂

What are you reading? I’m always looking for books to add to my list. I’m open to pretty much any and all genres! I like to mix it up. 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that we have a garbage disposal in our sink.

3 thoughts on “Current reads”

  1. I’m reading 10 things to tell you, I go first, from the same podcast host. It’s light and easy read, good for transition back to reading, and made me reflect quite a bit.


  2. I think it is totally ok to do less of certain things at times when the reason you are doing less of that thing is because you are mindfully choosing to fill your time in a different way. It’s more problematic, IMO, when you aren’t aware that you are substituting time you could spend reading with something that isn’t fulfilling, like watching a tv show, scrolling IG, reading news stories that make you anxious, etc. But when you are mindfully choosing to work on a project or spend time with your husband, that is a great choice IMO!

    I haven’t been a big fan of audiobooks because I can read the print faster than I can listen to most books. But I did decide to listen to “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” It’s my July book club book and I am the host. I started the print book but there is a lot of southern dialect in the book and I was really struggling to get into the flow of the book. The narration is much better than me stumbling over what is being said!

    I hope you like Admission. I thought it was a light read but also thought provoking since it dealt w/ a real world issue!


  3. Still have a tall stack – I found out 80s actor Andrew McCarthy was an English major and a travel writer so I got his memoir “Brat” (summer reading) and I have Emmanuel Acho’s “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” on deck (deep, and reading with my brother in law).


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