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A fun start to the weekend

Last night felt like a busy, but fun, start to the weekend. Asher had received an invite to play laser tag right after school at a local bowling alley with the 5 other boys in his school cohort (same boys that are together all day, every day- plus masked). He was really happy to get to go do something SOCIAL!! (outside of school).

Then he had swim practice, so I drove him out to that….It was a ~25 minute drive, then 1 hour practice, then ~25 minutes home. It was a beautiful evening and I “should have” gone for a walk…but instead I sat in the car and finished my book! I read the entire hour without stopping and it was wonderful.

I’m officially DONE with The Bear and the Nightingale trilogy! I LOVED THESE!! Honestly, this is definitely outside of a genre/ book style I would normally read (it’s almost like a fairy tale?), but I’m soooooo glad I branched out! I just loved them. So magical and enchanting! I loved the characters- especially the wild, fiery, strong female lead.

Just shows, it pays to try new things. 🙂 (Also- it is one of the rare books/series I have read that has overwhelmingly ALL mostly very positive reviews on Goodreads.)

After swim, we all went downtown for dinner. I have been downtown literally a handful of times (if that) since the pandemic started! It was fun to see the Capitol again (always have to take a picture….add it to the collection….). We went to dinner with Ivan’s Mom at the old Mexican restaurant I waitressed at for 3 years during college. It is also where I met Ivan! His cousin worked there too when I started, and we met through him. (The restaurant has been in Madison for YEARS and years.)

BUT- we recently learned that the entire block where the restaurant is has been sold off and will be bulldozed to put up a massive apartment complex!!!!!! (seriously?? another one?? They will also be taking out an indie bookstore, other bar/restaurants and more….ugh.)

We feel kind of devastated about this, since this restaurant just holds a little piece of our story and history. Plus, we personally know the owners and its fun to go back now and then. 😭😭SO. SAD.

nachos for life. always gotta get the nachos.

Rest of Weekend Plans:

-catch up on a little work (~2 hours) I deferred on yesterday afternoon so I could wrap up early…
-update our finance spreadsheet
-Ethan- soccer game at 4:00
-Ivan maybe going to buy some new shorts for the boys?
-hopefully a walk + workout combo both days
-clean the basement! (just like straighten, dust, vacuum…nothing crazy)
-frantically try to read as much as possible of The Giver of Stars before book club on Monday. Oops. Failed on timing that one….

Thought of the Day:

Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for stumbling back across the Deep Questions podcast…I think I had listened to this once before, but then I somehow forgot about it. The other day it was suggested for me in my Podcast app and I tried it- and now I have been binging on it all week! I really like his calm, practical approach to things.

5 thoughts on “A fun start to the weekend”

  1. What an amazing iconic sight in that photograph! Beautiful! I love that you are close and yet still appreciate the magnitude of it, sometimes we take things for granted when they are nearby.

    I love Deep Questions too, although right now I am adoring Girl Next Door and Rising Shining! Something about Kelsey really resonates with me 🥰


  2. That’s so sad that they are knocking down your families favorite mexican restaurant. Have you seen if the owners are considering relocating? If so, then maybe you can help them drum up new business at their new location??

    Sounds like a great weekend. I love the quiet weekends. I just appreciate the quiet time at home! ❤


    1. No, they aren’t!!! 😦 I don’t think they really have the funds to start all over from scratch with another restaurant, unfortunately. It’s just a small family owned place and they had bought it “as is” with all equipment, tables, etc included from the previous owners years ago, as an established place. It sounds like they may be moving out of state, actually, to be near family I think. So sad!!


  3. That is so sad about the restaurant closing – especially since it holds so much meaning and memories for your family. 😦 That just sucks!

    I haven’t read the Bear and the Nightingale series – sounds like something I need to check out! Hope you got a chunk of The Giver of the Stars done! I loved that book so bet it will make for a good book club discussion!


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