Reading speed, running and volcanoes

Happy Friday. This was nice, solid week- fairly uneventful- and leading into a pretty open, probably fairly uneventful weekend. That’s cool with me. 🙂

Asher pre-weekending on early release Thursday after school. He is my hot tub kid. He loves it! Went in by himself because I just couldn’t really break from work right then….

Some highlights of the week….

🔷 Good weather!! Everyone is talking about it around here. It’s been in the 40s and sunny this week, with forecasts of 50+ degree temps soon. Ivan’s cousin’s wife asked if I wanted to do a virtual half marathon in May with her. Eek. I do NOT run much, if ever, anymore. She has never run a half before and mostly just wants to cover the distance, so I feel like I could probably be in shape to run a fairly slow 13.1 miles by then (not if I were trying to PR/really race, but to just accompany her, I think so?). I went out twice this week to stretch the old legs and see how it felt. Not great? But we’ll see. I kind of said yes, so, I guess I need to start swapping some Beachbody/ weights workouts for more running.

🔷 Slowly reading A Gentleman in Moscow. For some reason, this book calls to me to be read slowly. I REALLY like it so far. But the style is just a little different. I don’t know exactly how to explain it. It’s like a mix of tongue in cheek humor, Russian history, life lessons, moral exploration, unexpected relationships….

Recently I had a conversation with my Dad about reading speed and how many pages per hour we thought we typically read. My Dad commented that when he reads, he doesn’t TRY to read quickly- he said, “I just really enjoy the book! I don’t want to read it super fast anyway.”

I’ve been thinking about that. Since I have made some goals to “read more” this year, I sometimes feel a little tempted to read more/ more quickly so I can cover more ground! But my Dad is right (as usual 🙂 ). Sometimes books that are like candy are fine to tear through, if they are written in a light, conversational style or not very deep. But others warrant a slow, savoring read. A Gentleman in Moscow feels like that to me. Sometimes I’ve been finding myself reading a passage and then pausing, re-reading it, thinking about it, then moving on. It will take me longer, but that’s ok. 🙂

Reading while Ethan practiced piano. I had a very cute, fuzzy visitor. 🙂

🔷 Thursday game night with the boys! Ivan had some plans, so the boys and I had frozen pizza and salads for dinner and played a round of Clue. We hadn’t played a game in ages and it was really fun.

🔷 I helped Ethan scroll back through old photos to find some of el Nevado de Toluca (the Volanco of Toluca). It’s an active volcano that you can actually see from my in-laws’ house in Mexico.

Ethan’s science class is studying volcanoes, and he needs to research one and do a project on it. So, he chose this one! We found this cool shot from a trip years ago in January when it was abnormally cold and there was actually SNOW on the peaks.

That’s Ethan on the left running with the soccer ball.
Normally it looks more like this.

Thought of the Day (from A Gentleman..): If a man does not master his circumstances, he is bound to be mastered by them.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for a fun night with the boys last night. Sometimes it gets a little harder as they get older- everyone kind of does their own thing and they don’t “need” us as much anymore. I’m grateful they still really like to do things with us, though!!

5 thoughts on “Reading speed, running and volcanoes”

  1. The pics from your in laws are so cool. Especially with the snow-capped peaks!

    I have not read A Gentleman in Moscow but want to read it. I know what you mean about some books needing to be read slowly and savored. I tend to read books quickly because I want to know what happens but I tend to read non-fiction more slowly so I can soak in what I am learning.

    Our weather has been awesome here, too. We are supposed to hit 60 on Monday!! Yay!


  2. Yay for running! Good luck! Mr. Isaac wants to practice for the mile once a week with me so we went out yesterday. He got a side stitch which reminded me of getting those while doing the mile myself in school.


  3. I tend to read quicker with novels and slower with non-fictions as I take notes and contemplate more. it’s true that the joy is not finishing a book but to enjoy the process. and welcome back to running!!!! my fav activity!!!


    1. I read a Gentleman in Moscow last year or the year before. I know what you mean. It’s a good book, but it’s not a thriller that you just want to finish ASAP. I actually stopped reading in the middle because it was getting too slow and then picked it up again a couple of months later to finish. Now that I think about it, it would be a great lockdown read. The main character did a lot of lingering and wandering in that hotel. 😉


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