Friday 5

Friday List

In no particular order, a random list on a Friday of happenings. I feel a little…tired. Not really sleepy tired, just kind of “end-of-the-week” tired, maybe? Like, I’m not in the mood to try to come up with exactly 5 things to do a cute Friday 5 post. 😉

1- Ethan is scheduled for the Pfizer vaccine next Tuesday! I actually called on Tuesday before the approval was even fully “live” and was able to get him scheduled for an appointment right away! He is excited about it- it’s very cute. He also has been bragging to his “little brother” that he can get the vaccine, but his brother can’t (only 11). Kind of funny, because Asher is actually slightly bigger/heavier than Ethan is, so from a “dose” standpoint they would be essentially identical…but whatever! Rules are rules. 🙂

2-The old Mexican restaurant I mentioned before downtown that I worked at (and where I ultimately met Ivan!) officially closed this week. Ivan stopped by and the owner gave him these beer signs for our bar in the basement (these used to hang in the restaurant):

I’m excited about these, because a) they will always remind me of that place, which holds a special place in my heart and b) they will be PERFECT in our bar area. Of the Mexican beers, Negra Modelo is probably Ivan’s favorite, and he also likes Dos Equis Amber. We had been on the hunt for a light up bar sign for a long time, but Ivan didn’t want just like a Miller Lite sign or something (which he would never, ever drink…). So, this is perfect!! 🙂 I’ll have to share pics once we can get them hung up.

3- Asher has to give a presentation today at school and is cutely very nervous about it!! He practiced for like an hour last night. He said, “I’m nervous just doing this in front of you and Dad! I’m going to be so nervous in front of my class!!” (I didn’t bother to remind him that he is lucky to have a smaller 15 kid cohort in his class right now!! Normally would have been even more people…. haha.) The presentation is on COVID related stuff (he chose the topic) and it’s focused on how to properly wear a mask and other covid/mask related topics. He has nice charts from the CDC and other sources. Proud of him!

Practicing! He screen shared to the basement TV and went through all his slides. 🙂

4- Currently reading…. Digital Minimalism! I’ve been on this Cal Newport kick lately, and I had two of his books on my “to-read” list anyway for this year.

Enjoying it so far. Not necessarily “life-altering” exactly, as I’ve heard a lot of these topics before. But so far it’s a quick, easy read with interesting perspectives. I enjoy books like this, anyway. I’ve been taking some notes. I had been MISSING reading non-fiction after my multiple novel streak!!!

(I love his term “high-quality leisure”. He uses that on many of his podcast episodes, too. I like that it doesn’t tell you what to do with your leisure time, but encourages you to think about what that means for you. He discusses how mindlessly scrolling on your phone is probably, in most cases, not going to really be intentional, carefully chosen leisure time that actually supports your values/what you truly “want” to do with your time. It’s just easy and always there, no real friction…so, we do it.)

I also jotted down: “prioritize long-term meaning over short-term satisfaction”.

5- An old co-worker of mine came over to job shadow me yesterday, as she is seriously considering applying for the new position that will be posted in my department soon. I’m SO EXCITED by this!!! This is a co-worker that I absolutely loved working with before, and I think she would be amazing at this job, too…. plus, since I will likely be doing a bulk of the training of the new person, this would make my job easier too. (She already has oodles of Transplant knowledge, which would be a HUGE perk.) She is just the nicest, coolest person, too! Fingers crossed it works out!!!

Ha, well, look at that! Without even meaning to, I listed 5 things. It’s a Friday 5 after all!!! Haha! Have a great weekend!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for seeing my sister on Wednesday night!! She came and stayed overnight and will be back again this weekend. ❤❤❤

4 thoughts on “Friday List”

  1. Having a coworker you really love and enjoy working with makes such a big difference so I hope your friend gets the job! I wonder if my sister does something similar to you. She also works for a transplant clinic, but I really don’t understand what she does. QI or something like that? She was a transplant coordinator previously but didn’t want a job w/ night/weekend call.

    Yay for Ethan getting his vaccine scheduled! I feel like our boys are going to be similar to yours in that the younger might be bigger than the older! Will was 26″ at 4m and Paul was 28″ at a year! We’ll see how Will grows compared to Paul, though. He is long but small in terms of weight so our boys got dad’s metabolism, I think. Mine is pretty good but Phil is the kind of person who struggles to gain weight. Lucky guy!

    So sad about the restaurant closing but I’m glad you have some memorabilia from the owner!!


  2. so excited that Ethan can get vaccine already! It must feel so assuring to have him vaccinated. I can’t wait for my girls to be vaccinated and mask free for good.


  3. I feel like I am the one off in your comments BUT I am not as excited about the vaccine being given to kids. Now that my doctors are doing more research the more concerned they are with the long term effects of the vaccine. So I have a feeling I will not be able to get the covid vaccine unless there are changes to it down the road. So many are finding that they are either not protected by the vaccine or some have lost the use of their arms following the injections and then even at the practice where I go one of the patients is now in critical condition as their liver couldn’t handle the effects of the vaccine in their body. So I am not so excited and I wouldn’t recommend kids getting vaccinated just because. lol! But that’s my “jaded” view.


    1. No worries, Lindsay! I know there are differing views on all of this and I fully respect and welcome varying opinions here! 🙂 So far, so good for our family and the vaccine! No issues here and I’m grateful for it helping us be able to “return to normal”. But I know it’s a personal thing! I appreciate the comments! 🙂 Have a great day.


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