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Day-before-vacation list

Busy busy day today! We leave tomorrow for vacation! Woohoo!!


✅ Get up early and pound out some WORK! (check. Was typing away and responding to emails by ~6 am).

✅ 8:30 a.m. super quick bang trim appointment. (done)

🔲 More work!! Data deadline met early (as of Wednesday p.m!)- yay! That’s a relief. I have some other stuff to finish up though and also am semi-urgently working on some training materials for the new nurse data analyst who will start right after I get back.

🔲 Library run with the boys! They need to restock for the road trip. I have The Lazy Genius Way waiting for me to read (hopefully) on vacation. Excited about this one! I think it will be a good choice right before back to school time/ returning to a more routine life again. I’m also finishing up Admission (light, fun, fiction). I have The Glass Castle out from the library yet too. I probably don’t need any other books….Frankly, it would be a miracle to finish these 3. This trip will be busy + active, not really a lounge around and read trip. Hoping to read a little in the car??

🔲 Boys- clean hamster cages! They will insist they need my help with this, but they DO NOT. I mean it, I’m not helping!!

🔲 Move some of my flower pots around so it’s easier for my brother-in-law (who is house sitting) to water them quickly for me!

🔲 Balance hot tub chemicals/ check

🔲 PACK!!!!!

*Also, Asher is home!! I missed my little buddy. He had an amazing time at camp. He was all smiles, couldn’t stop talking about it. Loved it. I’m so happy for him. We stopped at an outlet mall on the way home and I had some luck finding a few little things. I picked up a couple new tank tops for our trip, a couple pairs of shorts, and I got a cute new hoodie for a total steal of a price. Success.

my shopping buddy, post-camp pickup. Cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets!!

I highly doubt I’ll post tomorrow, but I’m debating trying to use the WordPress app on my phone to pop in during the trip. I’m thinking I might just quickly post a few favorite pics or highlights of what we did each day.

It’s going to be a pretty long trip, so there’s no way I would be able to concisely do full recap later on. This might be my best shot at actually documenting some of it! We’ll see how I feel once I’m out there, though! 🙂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Asher loved camp and was able to go.

4 thoughts on “Day-before-vacation list”

  1. I am so excited for your big trip, Kae! You guys are going to have a great time! I totally think you should try to recap as much of it as you can because in a few years you’ll be able to look back and see all these great memories and you’ll be able to refer back to the places you went, stayed, and enjoyed! 😍


  2. I am so behind but can’t wait to read all about your trip. Good call to post snippets so you can keep up/capture the big items. When I did my Paris trips, I always posted daily and was so glad to have them to read as it’s fun to look back on what you did/what your impressions were in the moment! I have seen some photos on IG and it looks gorgeous!

    Preparing for this trip is another great example of the mental load of mothers! You do so much to get a family ready for a trip! Or at least I do in our house! I do all the packing for the boys and know what we need to bring, like sound machines, monitors, how many diapers, etc etc. It’s alot!


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