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My actual birthday on Monday was pretty low key and nice.

I got some fun presents from my parents on Sunday in the Dells. (I don’t have any pictures!) 😦

Then on Monday night, at almost 9 p.m. because Asher had swim practice until 8:35…. we had key lime pie and Ivan and the boys gave me my gifts.

Ethan gave me this cute deep red purse!

I have been wanting to expand my collection of handbags to a few various sizes, because I really just don’t have many at all. Most days I carry a larger purse/bag around, but when we just go out to dinner or somewhere, I definitely don’t need to lug that big bag around. I bought myself a dressier purse before our CA trip in July, and now this is a nice smaller yet casual option! Love it!

Ivan gave me these green Lululemon joggers:

I haven’t tried them on yet, but they seem great and so soft! Many times pants of any kind are too short on me, so I’m a little unsure if they’ll work… he said they just had a single inseam option on these. If not, I will exchange for another pair of leggings or something.

And then Asher (with the help of online ordering wizard Ivan, I’m sure) gave me this iPhone photo sticker printer!!

I had mentioned way back last year that I wanted one of these, and Asher remembered!!

I am basically obsessed. So far, I’ve printed 3 stickers. The main place I want to use these is inside my planner (which accompanies my journal, and is where I record essentially my entire life).

You can print either the larger size (just over 2×3 inches), or make a collage print with 4 smaller pics (perfect for sticking into my Wonderland 222!).

Here are a few I’ve printed so far:

I have several blank pages at the front of my planner, and I’m planning to put one favorite larger pic from each month there.

Then, I’m going to print maybe 1-2 collage prints per month (to then cut apart) to sprinkle in my weekly pages, or in the monthly review section.

Big events- Ethan got braces, and Ethan started working at McDonald’s!

A couple other I’ve added so far to September:

A little 15th wedding anniversary pic!

And celebrating Asher’s return to soccer….

Anyway, I’m OBSESSED!! This thing is so cool. And it’s so easy to use- connects via Bluetooth, so I just have to open the app, select the pics I want from my phone, and hit print! 🙂

Very excited to enhance my planner/journal keeping!!! Now I just need to hold myself back so I don’t print too many. haha.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my treadmill. Not currently using for much running, but a great indoor walking option.

10 thoughts on “Gifts!”

  1. That is a super cool gift!! Really makes the planner extra fun and special. I can’t remember – do you keep your planners? Having pictures in them might make it more appealing to hold onto them? In general I do not keep my planners, but I don’t use them like a diary to the extent that you do! I’ve ended up using the back pages for taking notes during client meetings, etc.

    Your boys did a great job picking out presents for you!! That purse is super cute. We only do presents for the boys. Phil and I are so not present people and can never come up with ideas of what we want so we tend to give the gift of time to do something we want to do, like for Phil that means time to golf. His mom still buys us Christmas presents and I struggle to come up with ideas for her every year!


    1. I do keep my planners!! Well, I have since about 2016 at least. That is part of the reason I switched to the Wonderland, because my previous Target calendar planner was quite a bit larger. I just feel like my planner tells such a story of my life- every sports practice, game, lesson, meeting, vacation- it’s all on there! I find them so interesting to flip back through occasionally.


  2. Happy birthday!!!! and YAY to the sticker printer!!! I have the Kodak Step printer and it’s so much fun to print out pix and put them in my planner or esp my 5 year journal (since I plan to keep that long term). You will love having this tool 🙂


  3. Love the look of those joggers; I find the fitted ankles look so nice and are very functional. Hope they fit.

    That sticker printer is amazing. What a great idea and such a whimsical addition to your planner. Like Lisa, I’m curious if you keep your planners from year-to-year. I don’t keep mine and I always feel this huge surge of weird emotions when I throw it out. Like I’m trashing a part of my soul or something? I keep all sorts of records in other ways (monthly update emails to family that I keep, the blog, and now a One Line A Day journal)…but still somehow it still feels wrong on some level!

    Once again – Happy Birthday. It looks like a really fun set of celebrations.


    1. I do save my planners! I switched to a smaller/more compact planner in part for this reason. It just captures every day so completely, with all the little things that I might forget about otherwise. I do also keep a journal of sorts, plus the blog… if I ever become famous, I’m all set for a future tell all. 😅


  4. Wow, you got some thoughtful gifts – even from your boys! How sweet. I am especially intrigued by the sticker printer… I’d love to have one of those for my planner (because it turns it into somewhat of a planner/journal 🙂


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