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Housekeeping + Would You Rather


First, a couple of quick housekeeping items.

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“Would you rather” Wednesday, Fall Edition!

Now, on to some fun! I’ve been seeing these Fall “Would You Rathers…” going around, and I saw this great one from the Teachers Pay Teachers website. I decided to play along! I kind of want to print one for the kids, or make them pick a few and write a journal entry about why they chose what they did!

Here are my answers:

A few clarifications!

caramel apples vs candy cornI actually like them both, but candy
corn wins because caramel apples are
a mess.
pumpkin pie vs PSLI don’t really like pumpkin, but I DO NOT DRINK COFFEE. So, pumpkin pie wins. It’s ok, but not my fav.
corn maze vs haunted houseUsed to like haunted houses but am a wee bit jumpy now…and kind of a chicken. So probably corn maze.
cider vs hot chocolateTough call, but probably hot chocolate. With marshmallows. 🙂
knit vs rake leavesSeeing as I don’t know how to knit…rake leaves. Plus, I actually kind of like raking.
Buy vs make costume We always buy. I’ve made maybe 1 costume, ever. Just not my forte.🤷‍♀️
apple vs pumpkin pickingDefinitely pumpkin. Apple picking = September = BEES everywhere. At least that has always been my experience.
sweater vs Packer jerseyWhile I very much appreciate that the creator of this game is a Packer fan (Go Pack Go!), I still would choose a cozy sweater.
early snowfall vs laterEarly. Why not? In my opinion, if it could do all the snowing between like Thanksgiving and December (i.e. when Christmas lights are up and it sets the holiday mood) and then stop, that’d be great.
Harry Potter vs Star WarsUmm….don’t hate me, but…neither? Just can’t get into Harry Potter! I know. Same for Star Wars. Sorry not sorry!!
Family game night vs. friends movie nightLeft this one blank. I would hands down choose FAMILY movie night. 🙂
Charlie Brown Pumpkin vs ThanksgivingReally not a Charlie Brown fan!! I left this one blank too. I can’t say for sure if I’ve seen either! The music is cute, but just not my thing.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for time spent curled up on Ethan’s bed with him last night, quizzing him for an upcoming Social Studies test.

9 thoughts on “Housekeeping + Would You Rather”

      1. You could maybe put up one last post on your Blogger site that explains the switch – that way anyone who just thinks you’ve gone radio silent could update their feeds.


      2. It was a little tricky to get back into the old site, since I have it set to re-direct automatically to the new site! I think I did manage to get a post up over there though, so hopefully people that had the blog reader/feeds set up saw it that way.


  1. Ugh I am TEAM NOT EARLY snow, but 7″ on 10/20 is very excessive!! So given the option, I’d have the snow hold off until December. As long as we have some by Christmas that is all that I care about – especially knowing we’ll have it until March or even April. Womp womp!

    For some reason your new posts from this url are not showing up in my feedly. I tried deleting an re-adding your new url and they still aren’t showing up. Blogging stuff is so finicky and annoying at times!


    1. Lisa, check Feedly again quick if you get a moment…I *think* the posts are showing up now? I wasn’t seeing my own new posts in there either this morning, but all of a sudden it just popped up. It seems like there is maybe a delay for some reason between time posted and time showing up in Feedly. Feedly doesn’t seem to have a ton of options/settings for individual Bloggers to control much over there (that I know of)!! Hopefully it is working now… 🙂


  2. 1. Hay ride
    2. Watch football
    3. Caramel apple (I can’t stand candy corn)
    4. Decorate for Halloween
    5. Eat pumpkin pie
    6. Corn maze (haunted houses too scary)
    7. Drink hot chocolate
    8. Rake leaves (don’t knit)
    9. Buy a Halloween costume (I like the idea of making one but I have no crafty skills)
    10. Apple picking
    11. Go trick or treating (although – shhhh – I really don’t like either!)
    12. Wear a sweater
    13. Walk in the woods
    14. No snow til December
    15. HARRY POTTER (I’m sorry but you’re weird and wrong :-p)
    16. S’mores
    17. I’m with you – family movie night
    18. Chili
    19. CB Thanksgiving (not a fan of either but my husband loves both so I have to see them every year, gah)
    20. Re-read an old favorite!


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