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Good Things Thursday

 The week has been chugging along pretty quickly over here. It’s been a good week, I’d say. I have felt quite productive and generally very focused at work, despite having a lot of random balls in the air at home this week too.

I have taken my social media time down to <30 minutes a day and also recently took it one step farther. I now am experimenting with blocking any social media out on my phone between 9-5 pm (loose work hours). It’s not that I sit on my phone all day while I’m supposed to be working, but I do have a tendency to end up spending my breaks scrolling on my phone instead of doing something more a) restorative b) active or c) useful!

I’m liking it so far and am finding that a little social media check in the morning and then again in the evening is plenty.

I saw the phrase “Good Things Thursday” the other day and thought, hey! That’s catchy! 😊 Any day is a good day to focus on the good stuff, but I have a few items I can share today.

 A new rug!!

I have wanted a new rug for this spot for a LONG time now, and finally ordered one and received it the other day. I love it! It’s super cool and I think it works just right there. Yay! 

An evening walk with Ethan

Not our house! But how fun are those huge spooky window clings in the upper windows!! 
Asher and Ivan were off at swim practice, and it was a mild, breezy fall night. Ethan and I headed out together for a 20 minute walk in the dark. My mom had just gotten the boys these light up bands for Halloween and they have different settings that blink/ flash. It added a fun touch to the walk!

Reading time

After our walk, Ethan and I read a few chapters together of that Civil War book that we have (very slowly) been working our way through. I made it a goal to read with the boys at least 6 times this month (hopefully way more!). I know my days of them letting me read to them/ with them are getting very numbered now, at their ages, so I’m really trying to prioritize it before it goes away forever!! Sad!!
Before bed, Ivan and I wanted to watch an episode of our show, so Ethan took his own book and some hot chocolate and snuggled up in bed to read for another 15 minutes or so. I thought he looked so cute in there!! 🙂 

Bonus Things!

I’ve got 3 quotes that I think qualify as “good things” I’ve read this week too, so, here you go:


Winston Churchill said,

“Success is the ability to move from failure to failure, without loss of enthusiasm”




“Lack of confidence kills more dreams than lack of ability.

Talent matters—especially at elite levels—but people talk themselves out of giving their best effort long before talent becomes the limiting factor.

You’re capable of more than you know. Don’t be your own bottleneck.”

-from James Clear’s 3-2-1 Newsletter


“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for language! How cool is it that we can COMMUNICATE the way we do with other human beings. The fact that our brains are primed for this and we can develop language as children so effortlessly is just incredible. I am fascinated by the many world languages that exist, too. Just amazing. 

2 thoughts on “Good Things Thursday”

  1. That photo of Ethan reading in bed is so cute! I love the paint in his room – those stripes are so pretty! And those window clings are really cool. Our little guy is very into halloween decorations now but they can not be creepy! He is a sensitive little guy… but he loves seeing pumpkins and cats and things like that. And there is a giant inflated T-rex holding a pumpkin close to our house so he loves seeing that since he's so into dinosaurs right now.


  2. I love the last quote " you are what you do, not what you say you'll do" life is present, not future, not plans, but right here. The best life is the life here.I don't block social media during work hours anymore because they are not in my phone hahahah… I don't even miss them at night. Sometimes when I log in to FB or Inst, I get bored within 5 min and close it, confirming what I already know. they don't bring me the joy of doing other restorative things like reading, crafting, cooking, or just be. glad you are having a good week, mine is flying over too quickly too.


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