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Take 2 vacation day and some sad news

Vacation Day –> Sick Day So, my vacation day yesterday ended up being a bust. I woke up with a bit of a headache (I kind of had a “stress” type headache Sunday afternoon, after the meet). I figured it was just from not sleeping well + all the activity + stress/ anxiety over the weekend. On Saturday morning, I…

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Happy Easter and my Blogiversary!

Happy, Happy Easter!! (Picture= a bunch of plastic eggs ready to hide for an egg hunt in the yard later this afternoon with my niece and nephew + Ivan’s sister and mom.) We are going to do an egg hunt for the first time in a long time (outside!). The weather is supposed to be great- sunny and high of…

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Housekeeping + Would You Rather

Housekeeping: First, a couple of quick housekeeping items. #1: If you are still accessing my site from the old URL, please take a quick moment to update however you access my blog to the new site! If you follow me on Feedly, I don’t think my posts will show up there anymore, unfortunately. You’ll have to add my…

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Milestones v. 2.0

If you recall, back in July I wrote a “Milestones” post, referring to both my 100th blog post and my son’s 12th birthday. Well, today I’m writing another one! Let’s call it Version 2.0 🙂 It’s another two-parter. #1: SIX months of blogging + NEW SITE!!! Whew, this one feels huge to me right now. I have now officially had…

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Milestones: #100 and #12

Today is a major number milestone marker for two reasons.1. Today marks my 100th blog post! I started this little blog on April 4th, 2020, and have written a post here every single day since then, for 100 days. I didn’t exactly set out planning to write 100 posts, or even to necessarily write everyday. But I just have found that a)…

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