203 Days With My Children

Yesterday it dawned on me that with the closure of school through the end of the year, this means that assuming they return on schedule on September 1st, the kids will have been home full time with me for 5 1/2 months. To be precise, 203 days. The last day my boys went to school was the morning of March 12,…

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The Perfect Day

While I try to generally look on the bright side if I can, I’m not honestly always someone who sees everything as sunshine and rainbows necessarily. I feel like by nature I’m actually naturally a bit more “pessimistic”, which is why over the past 5 years or so I have actively been working on changing this (hence the gratitude and mindfulness…

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Weekend Misc. and the Great Bedroom Shake Up

Oof. It is the weekend, but instead of feeling refreshed and ready to relax, this morning I feel a little bit like someone who was shipwrecked, had to swim 3 miles to shore, drag himself onto the beach and then realized he still had to build a fort out of banana tree leaves and try to start a campfire.  I…

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Yo-Yo workout and another weekend at home

What a difference some sunshine can make! Although I am usually actually a big sucker for cloudy, cozy, rainy (or snowy) days, there is something about the first days of warm sunshine in the Midwest that just feels SO GOOD. Yesterday we had full sunshine all day, despite chilly temps in the upper-40’s/low- 50’s. I had some work to catch up…

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