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Kids, Chores and Allowances

I did some actual CARDIO at the gym yesterday (the stairmill) after my shoulders/triceps workout. Crazy, I know, because I'm not usually big on traditional cardio. While I climbed stairs, I listened to this recent The Mom Hour episode about household chores. It got me thinking about a couple of things: #1- It would be… Continue reading Kids, Chores and Allowances

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A burning dinner question + 2 gratitude quotes

Part A: Why does it always seem to take 3 hours to clean up from dinner? Seriously, is this just me? It doesn't matter what we have, it seems like it always takes forever to fully clean up the kitchen!! And I do generally recruit help- it's not like everyone just ditches me. (Though, I'll… Continue reading A burning dinner question + 2 gratitude quotes