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You hear a lot of talk about kids and the pandemic, how bad this all is for their social development and especially their mental health. I was just thinking how very grateful I am that overall, my kids are fine in this regard. (I know this is so not the case for so many, and my heart breaks for those kiddos who are really isolated and struggling.)

Obviously, being back in school has been an enormous factor. I saw a comment on a local FB page debating the back to school dilemma, and a community member commented that they “heard” that kids at our school (that are back in person) feel like they are “in prison” due to all of the restrictions. I almost rolled over and died, because that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being back in school. Yes, they wear masks and can’t play kickball at recess. Yes, they have to stay socially distanced and things are obviously really different. But they can still totally talk and laugh with their friends in class, at lunch, etc. I just actually asked them the other day if they like in person or virtual better, and they both said they absolutely 100% prefer to be back, despite the modifications. They seem to still feel totally connected with their school friends (well, at least the kids in their pod).

My kids have had sports going on again too (in a limited capacity) for months now, and there are lots of social connections there, plus they have a few select friends that we do allow them to see in person currently.

But a surprisingly great facilitator of social connection?? Their video games!! Can’t believe I’m saying that. However, I have been listening to them lately playing their games, and it’s all so different these days. They get logged on and hooked up with a whole bunch of friends (all at their own homes) and can play these games simultaneously/ interactively, all chatting with each other and laughing just as if they were in the room together. Often they actually Facetime or video connect through the game so they can SEE each other, while they play the same game together. It is pretty darn close to the real thing of a group of 10-12 year old boys hanging out together.

(I’m happy to see they also play regularly/ video chat with our old neighbor girl, too! That connection seems alive and well, thanks to technology.)


Yesterday was their no school day, and we had an amazingly beautiful, fall day! Started the morning with a gorgeous hike with stunning views, and ended the evening with pumpkin carving. I had to work in between, but it was a great day.

Here’s some photo overload of some favorites. 🙂


Pumpkin carving:


Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for traditions, and that despite covid we can still enjoy many parts of the holidays. I’m also grateful for good weather for Halloween! (Last year it snowed…)

3 thoughts on “Social Connection + Fun”

  1. Kids really need connection with their friends which is what I worried the most during the pandemic. Somehow we found other ways to connect, play dates, zoom calls, and even random kids we met during the trip.

    Your Halloween decor looks so cool!


  2. That is ridiculous that someone said your kids school experience is like being in prison. Maybe that comment is coming from a place of jealousy? I am glad that the kids in your school have stayed healthy as in person school is definitely better than virtual – for both parents and kids!

    Sounds like a fun Halloween! Yay for nice fall weather! It’s going to be beautiful here this week so I intend to soak it up because I know it’s going to go back to being cold after this week is over!


  3. That hike is beautiful! Glad you had some fun, and YES to the socializing on video games. My nephew does the same thing and it’s fantastic!
    Hope you’re enjoying the sun and warmth this week!


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