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I’m so excited right now! I only have two minutes to write, but just letting you all know I’ll be MIA this next week. We very spontaneously decided to plan a last minute trip for the boys- a SURPRISE trip- and we leave this morning.

We have never surprised the kids with a vacation before, and they are going to freak out! They have absolutely no idea we are going anywhere. They’ve been grumbling all weekend about going back to school tomorrow after the Christmas break. 🙂 We have a pretty epic plan to reveal what we’re doing, and I am soooo excited to see how they react.

See you guys in a week! It’s going to be magical. 😉

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for good weather for traveling! Living in WI, winter travel can be dicey. No snow in the forecast!

P.S. Adding the obligatory covid disclaimer….all usual social distancing, constant masks, hand washing, etc. protocols will be followed during the duration of our trip! As always.

5 thoughts on “Surprise”

  1. How exciting for all of you! I hope that you will take your 10 social media minutes a day to share some of the fun! (I hope it’s somewhere warm, too… I’ll be envious, but happy for you. :>) Have fun!!!


  2. I was guessing Disney too! I’m so excited to hear how the boys react. What a fun way to start the year–I’ve never done a spontaneous trip like that 🙂


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