Happy, Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet Asher!!!

Tucked in bed last night….his last time going to sleep as a 10 year old.

I know it’s so cliche to even say, but I can’t believe he’s 11. My youngest, my baby….and he is ELEVEN. I feel like the years from starting elementary school to now have just flown by. I’m scared to think about the next 11! He’s now closer to 21 than he is to birth. 😬

Asher’s baby years kind of feel like a blur looking back on them. Ethan and Asher are only ~15 months apart, meaning Ethan was a very young toddler when Asher was born. A very young, extremely SPIRITED, ACTIVE toddler (aka, a major handful).

Asher was pretty calm, cool and collected- thank GOD. He slept well and often and was pretty chill. (Unlike his older bro 😉 )

Ivan was working long, weird hours back then and I was alone with the two of them a lot. Like, most of the time, actually! (When I wasn’t working). It was beautiful and wonderful and crazy and terrifying and exhausting all at the same time. Thus, a blur. 🙂

Asher has turned into a pretty big momma’s boy…it’s kind of a running joke that he likes me more than Ivan. Haha. That’s not true. Just kidding, it is true. 😜

Here are some other fun facts/ things we love about Asher:

🔷He is very snuggly. He likes to be warm- electric blankets, fuzzy socks, cozy sweatshirts, etc. Even as a baby he was like this. 🙂 He still likes to curl up with one of us and is still happy to give and receive big hugs.

🔷He is a questioner. He’s generally the more talkative of the two boys and likes to ask LOTS of questions about things. I find him very easy to talk to and good natured.

🔷He has a very stubborn/ cranky side to him! On the whole he is a total sweetheart, but he can have a bit of a little temper, too…

🔷He is a great writer and very creative overall. He likes to draw, color, etc. and has a strong imagination. He really enjoys reading and is good at math. He’s a great student.

🔷He has really neat handwriting, especially for a boy!

🔷He is hard working and puts a LOT of effort and dedication into his swimming. For being so young, he has come far with it over the past years and is quite mature about setting goals, working toward them, etc.

🔷He likes to stay pretty busy! He is interested in lots of different things and can easily end up over scheduled if we aren’t careful.

🔷He loves the color green, and his favorite foods are over easy eggs, hot dogs, pepperoni pizza and NACHOS (like his mom 😉 ). In fact, he requested nachos for his birthday dinner.

🔷He is famous for never being able to find things. He is a little bit scatterbrained sometimes and is known for saying, “I can’t find XXX anywhere!!!” when XXX is literally lying out in plain sight (or somewhere that requires only the slightest bit of searching.) 🙄

Happy Birthday, buddy! Love you to pieces.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for ASHER. Today and everyday!

4 thoughts on “11”

  1. Happy birthday big boy! I know what you mean by you can’t believe he’s 11. everyday I can’t believe i have two daughters. hahaha…. love the pic mosaic.


  2. I am catching up on all the posts I missed! Happy belated birthday to your not so little guy! I can see how the years start to fly once they are in school. That’s how I feel about my nephews. One of them is a junior. I started a savings account for him for college when he was born (I’m his God mom) and it’s crazy that he will be 18 in 1.5 years and I will sign a check over to him. Hooooooow?

    I didn’t know your boys were 15 months apart. OMG! Those early years must have been so challenging. Yikes. But you just get through it, I guess! I am finding the adjustment from 1 to 2 a bit more challenging than 0 to 1… but it hasn’t quite been 2 weeks so we are in the very early days. The pandemic doesn’t help as we can’t have help in the house and can’t do play dates/see friends/etc. so it just makes things a bit extra hard.


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