Little life update/ home improvements

Our world has been extra full lately with some misc. home improvement projects going on. Here’s a little sampling: Garage: I’ve mentioned an ongoing garage project, which involved having it fully drywalled and new electric/lights installed. It’s a long story, but a fairly straightforward project ended up turning into somewhat of a disaster. I’m very grateful to my Dad for…

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Busy Friday!

I have a busy day today. Usually my Fridays tend to be “lighter” in everything (both personal and work related). But today is full of a bunch of randomness! Just glanced over my schedule: 07:00-08:15 “Pastries on the Playground” at school (donuts and coffee/milk outside before school) 08:30 Lady showing up to pick up Ethan’s old dresser 11:00-1:00 Fireplace repair…

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Household, Life, Meals

The joy of a midweek, morning grocery run

One of my favorite things about working from home is, of course, the FLEXIBILITY. We badly needed groceries for a few days, but with soccer all weekend, it just never happened. (In large part just because no one actually wanted to go get groceries.) Come Monday night, when I thought I would run over to the store- alas, I still…

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Pick. Up. Your. Stuff.

The kids have been home fulltime again for over 4 weeks now. (They went virtual Monday of Thanksgiving week.) I am feeling READY for them to go back to school. With the colder weather and no sports happening AND now no school (winter break) to keep them occupied, I am just feeling like there is not really enough for them…

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Habits, Productivity

Productivity Series #1: Planner/ Calendar system

Let me preface this post (and series) by saying that I am certainly no productivity “expert”. But, it is a topic I have been very interested in for the past ~5 years or so, so I’ve learned quite a bit about it. My personal systems are generally still a work in progress and have been tweaked/ adjusted over the years…

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