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All good things must come to an end

….and by that, I mean the kids are coming home today. LOL. Yes, the time has come for them to return from their little trip to my parents’ house. The boys are not happy about it, I could probably live without them for a couple more days 😉 … Only my parents are probably breathing a sigh of relief now…

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Yesterday a strange thing happened. My kids went somewhere. Away from home. Away from me! Away from us. And I don’t just mean outside to the neighbor’s yard for an hour! We packed up their things and they climbed in the car with my Mom and drove over an hour away to stay at my parent’s house until (I think)…

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Summer Routine

Today is Day 2 of what I call our “official summer break”. Their “last day of school” picture So far, we’ve mostly been winging it schedule wise, which has been overall okay (for now….) I felt perfectly fine last week just letting the boys do basically whatever they wanted- that first week or so I always think it feels good…

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Last Day of School

Happy Friday! Today is officially my boys’ last day of school, although we basically called it as of like, Tuesday. 😊 They really didn’t have any real “work” this week- just some fun, optional virtual activities and things like that.  I mostly gave them a free pass the rest of the week to just do whatever they wanted, which was…

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Bedtime Woes and Bad Habits

Last week I wrote a post about habits, so this has been on my mind all week. I’ve noticed a couple “bad habits” sneaking into our household a bit during this lock down time. Maybe it’s not even really fair to call them “habits”- more like “routines that might not be the best to continue long term”. 😊 One of…

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