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Hi from swim camp :)

Hello! Just jumping on quick during a little lunch break to update on our first couple days at swim camp!

So far, so good! The drive up was early but uneventful, the boys got checked in (armed with their negative covid tests) and I was driving out of the parking lot by 8:30 a.m. yesterday.

I had a little awkward window of time to kill…we were doing a group interview at 10 am for another data analyst candidate, but I didn’t think they would let me into the hotel quite that early. I ended up just parking in a shady spot in the hotel parking lot (looking out at a nature preserve- very pretty!) and taking the call from there.

It was a pretty laid back/ conversational style interview and I had notified people in advance that I would be in my car. 🙂 It was totally fine.

When that ended at 11, I was able to get into our hotel suite. Obviously I was alone, so I got to lug all of our stuff up to the room, along with coolers, bags, food, etc. It took a little while but I got everything situated and then was back to work before too long.

This is my little work station for the next few days. Perfect! Very comfortable.

The camp runs all day, really, from 8:30-5. When I picked the boys up, they were EXHAUSTED. That is a lot of swimming. They both wanted hot showers (I guess the pool is freezing). I thought maybe they’d want to go check out the city a bit or to a nicer/sit down restaurant, but nope.

They voted for Rocky Rococo’s pizza next to the hotel. Oh well. They both said they just wanted something quick, and then basically wanted to “chill” and get to bed early. (They were both up at 5:30 am, so I get it. It was early. I was tired, too.)

We ended up playing a couple rounds of a game, his friend did some summer school homework, watched a little TV and then I jumped in the hotel hot tub before bed. The boys decided they’d had enough water for one day.

This morning I dropped them off and then went for a 1 1/2 mile walk around this little lake just up the street.

It was so pretty!!! The weather was cool- low 60’s- and it felt like an early fall day to me. It was great. Just long enough to enjoy the morning before I had to get back to work.

I found some friends along the way:

Asher seems pretty enthused about the camp. He said it was really fun, but also really hard. I get the vibe that his friend isn’t 100% sold on it….but I think he likes it overall, too. Not sure if his friend was expecting quite this much swimming? But it is a SWIM camp, after all…

Asher is usually pretty happy about most new experiences, so I’m hoping he stays positive and doesn’t let any potential negative reactions from anyone else change his mind on it. Sometimes I think he can be “swayed” by others- as in he looks to them to see what they think, and then kind of adjusts his own reaction accordingly. :/

Oh- and get this…Asher started complaining yesterday morning of some mild ear pain (before we even got to camp). He has a history of getting swimmer’s ear often (usually at least once a year). GREAT. Right as he is gearing up for 8 hour days of swimming, plus a weekend meet in Iowa next weekend!

I called the doctor right away and got some antibiotic ear drops ordered and picked those up last night and started them. Fingers crossed that between the drops and drying his ears every night with a hair dryer, we can prevent it from getting any worse. He said it’s really mild so far, but we know from experience that if left untreated, it can get BAD and very painful! Ideally he would stay out of the water for a week or so, but, that isn’t happening right now….

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that it worked out for me to bring the boys to swim camp!! Grateful for the flexibility, and that this hotel suite is working out well for the 3 of us.

8 thoughts on “Hi from swim camp :)”

  1. Love your hotel work set up! Very cute!

    Hope that ear pain goes away soon for Asher! What a champ he is, swimming and staying so positive even with some ear pain going on!! xx


  2. swim camp does sound tiring, even just multisport camp from 9 to 3 exhausted my girls so can’t imagine so much more swimming. glad that your boys are overall happy about it. it’s nice that you get to walk alone and enjoy the view.
    oh… ear infection, those are so annoying, hope he’s fine with the drop.


  3. Wow that is a long day of swimming but I bet it will be so good for Asher! I hope the ear pain goes away. That is terrible timing! Poor guy! We have had so much ear trouble w/ Paul so I just cringe to think of more ear issues in the future. I felt like we paid our dues in the first 2 years of life – even w/ tubes he got probably 5-6 infections but at least those could be treated with ear drops instead of oral antibiotics which he was TERRIBLE at taking. Like he’d gargle and spit them back up at 7-8 months! I didn’t think such a thing was possible at that age but he proved me wrong! He’s got a strong will. 😉

    Your office set up looks like and the change of scenery might be nice for you? I know it’s not a ‘fun’ getaway but sometimes it’s nice to be somewhere different and it gives you a break from the pressure to do things during the day like laundry, dishes, meal prep, etc. That local lake and trail is so pretty. I love wood chip trails like that – so good for the body compared to concrete or asphalt!


      1. Yep, Stevens Point! I didn’t know you were from here! This is actually my first time ever being here. What a great city! It really seems to have some wonderful features. I have been very impressed! Really like it. 🙂 And everyone everywhere we have been has been extremely friendly, too. 🙂


  4. I hope that you have had a good week at swim camp! I thought the same thing as Lisa – that it might be nice for you to have a change of “work scenery”. Has it been working (ha) for you? I also hope that the drops took care of the ear pain. Such a (literal) pain.

    I suspected you were in Stevens Point given the wall in the natatorium. 🙂 Glad to see that my suspicions were correct. I’ve never been up there, but it sounds like a nice town, from what you wrote, and that lake trail is just lovely!

    I remember going to specialty camps with friends who had similar interests, and one of us was ALWAYS more into it than the other(s). Despite that, it makes it so much easier to know someone else. (Well, for me it made it easier because I have always had difficulty with new experiences, meeting new people, etc. Hi, social anxiety… :>)

    Take care, and hope the drive home was uneventful.


    1. Yes, it really was a nice town! You enjoy hiking- you should check it out some time! The Schmeckle Reserve has 26+ miles of hiking that is accessible from all over the town and looks GREAT! There’s a visitor center with maps and everything, too. Stevens Point isn’t too far, either – took us just an hour and a half.

      And we definitely experienced the “one person being more into it” thing. I think his friend was definitely a bit uneasy with even just being away from home with people that were not his family. I felt bad! But, he did it and made it through. It’s probably good for him to have these experiences, anyway, to realize it will all be okay. 🙂 Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones. 🙂


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