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The Murph, Memorial Day & More

Happy kickoff to Memorial Day weekend! I am working today but the boys have off.

In true Wisconsin fashion, we are enjoying a summer-like start to the holiday weekend:

Blows my mind that last weekend I was wearing shorts and a tank top and sweating in 88 degree temperatures, and yesterday was rainy ALL day and in the 40’s. What?? 🤷‍♀️ I felt especially bad because Ethan’s class had a “walking field trip” yesterday (their first field trip of the entire year!) to a local park and then for ice cream after. And it was 45 degrees out. So disappointing!!! He said it wasn’t too bad and they still had fun. But I am sure the teachers were envisioning a 70 degree, sunny May day when they planned that. 😦

I was in full on “November weather” mode yesterday. Just felt kind of sluggish/ tired all day. I didn’t mind the rain. It made me just embrace my lazy mood and felt cozy. I actually ended up making soup for dinner! With the cool weather, soup sounded really good. I made a potato corn chowder:

I used to have a similar recipe but couldn’t find it, so I made a version based on this recipe . (I didn’t have any bacon like she added, but that’s fine. I mostly just wanted something with potatoes!)

While Asher was at swim practice, Ethan and I ran to…..THE LIBRARY!!! It finally re-opened recently and this was our first trip back. Ethan was excited to just browse the shelves and pick a few new books for the weekend. I had a hold to pickup, anyway. It felt so nice to walk through those doors!!

It’s definitely not “back to normal”- they have all seating areas blocked off so you literally have to just go in, get your books and leave, but hey- better than nothing. I always really love browsing the “New” shelves where they have a splattering of new fiction books and another section with non-fiction. The topics are always random/ miscellaneous and I have found really interesting books that way.


No big plans today. Asher is off already working out with his uncle. He has been working out before school with Ivan’s brother for ~2 weeks now. I have to say, I am impressed. He gets up early at 6:30, gets ready, goes off, works out for ~30 minutes or so and then his uncle drops him at school. I thought today he would skip, being a no school day….but nope! Alarm went off and he was up and at ’em.

He is semi-“training” for a modified Murph workout next Tuesday. His swim team is hosting the event and proceeds go to the Lieutenant Murphy Memorial Scholarship foundation. (If you haven’t heard of the Murph, it’s an annual fundraiser done on Memorial Day in honor of Lt. Murphy, a Navy SEAL who sacrificed himself to save a fellow Navy teammate in Afghanistan in 2005. Many gyms/ Crossfit places host Murph workouts in his honor/to raise $$ for the scholarship fund).

The full “Murph” involves:

1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile run
(In a 20 lb vest or body armor!)

The “modified” version Asher will do is:

1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile SWIM (*for reference, a 1 mile swim= 66 lengths of the pool!! It’s 1,650 yards. FAR!!!)
(no body armor required!)

This sounds kind of like a personal version of torture, to me, but Asher is EXCITED! Also, he will get a t-shirt. 😁

I love that he will be doing something very specific related to the real meaning behind Memorial Day, too. ❤

Thought of the Day:

Never cut what you can untie.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the library re-opening. I was really getting antsy with it closed all that time!! So happy it is open again.

3 thoughts on “The Murph, Memorial Day & More”

  1. Wow, very cool Asher! Hope that goes well for him! And I love that library shot… I can’t wait to get back to the library here. I can actually walk it from my office, and I’d love to get in the habit of doing that once a week or something 🙂


  2. Weather is so unpredictable these days. I kind of forget about its variability when we got used to live in a tropical country with one season all year round. Today we kind of have to run back home from playground fue to rain, girls had fun but I was disappointed for the short outing. So proud of Asher for the consistent training schedule. Good job!


  3. Our weather has been so weird lately. We almost had to turn on our heat at the end of the week last week but held off and it was just warm enough to not be too cold for the boys! And now it’s going to be super hot next weekend. It was really great running weather, though, so I enjoyed the cooler mornings. I just wish it could stay like it will be today – sunny and 75!

    Wow, I had not heard of the Murph but that sound incredibly hard! I can’t do a single pull-up and kind of doubt I ever will!


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