Another milestone

Yesterday we experienced another milestone in our family. It was Ethan’s turn to get vaccinated, since he is 12. I had scheduled the appointment for 12:40 over his lunch hour, with the promise that I would take him to lunch quick before the appointment.

We really didn’t have much time, and I also had a meeting at 1:15, so I wanted to try to arrive a little early to the clinic in hopes of getting in and out!

He chose McDonald’s, the closest and supposedly quickest option (It was not actually quick. Yowzers they need more help it seems. Every single restaurant in our area has “Now Hiring” signs up and seems pretty desperate. The few employees they had looked so frantic trying to keep up, I felt bad for them!!)

I told Ethan it’s too bad he’s not a couple years older or he could be behind the counter serving up milkshakes and french fries this summer. 😉 I worked at a McDonald’s part-time from the time I was 14 all the way through high school, and I actually have some of the BEST memories from those days. Fun times. ❤ (And, I feel strongly that that job was very instrumental in developing and forming certain parts of my character today.)

After cheeseburgers and fries, we headed to the clinic. It was a short wait with just a few people ahead of us, then his turn! He is traditionally not a big fan of shots and needles, but I had told him that in my opinion, the Pfizer Covid vaccine was probably the least painful shot I’ve ever gotten. Barely even felt it.

He was excited to be vaccinated and I think lots of kids at school have been talking about it. He got one of the little “Covid- vaccinated” stickers and wore it back to school when I dropped him off. 🙂 I felt bad though- when he got off the bus after school it was raining and the sticker blew off and blew away!! He said he had wanted to keep it. 😦

I told him we will be sure to get another when he goes back for dose #2 in a few weeks. 🙂

At bedtime we were talking and he said, “That was fun today.” And I said, “What, the shot? You like needles now?? Since when?!” Haha… And he said, “No, just the whole thing…getting picked up, going to lunch and stuff.”

Ah, yes. It was fun. Those little, special, “out of the ordinary day” moments are exciting as a kid. I have vivid memories of my Dad picking me up from school for orthodontist appointments and going to Wendy’s after for Frostys and fries.

Funny how we hold on to certain things like that! That’s probably why today I actually make a point to just occasionally schedule those dentist, doctor, etc. appts during school hours. 🙂

Thought of the Day #1: Never in the history of calming down has anyone calmed down by being told to calm down.

LOL. Love this because it’s so true! hahaha.

Thought of the Day #2 (more serious version): Don’t let your ice cream melt while counting somebody else’s sprinkles.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for that little lunch with Ethan yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Another milestone”

  1. So glad Ethan did so well with the vaccine!

    I hear there are big issues in the US right now around restaurant workers? Is there a strike or something going on about wages?

    My first job as a teenager was working in a petrol station and I LOVED it. 🙂


  2. didn’t know you worked at McDonald’s, that must be fun. I’ll let Sofia know that she can work there one day.
    Great that Ethan got the vaccine and enjoyed the experience. I think kids love to spend solo time with us, whatever we do, it feels extra special.


  3. I lived in a tiny town so there were no jobs for HS students. So I worked for my parents in the summer and mowed lawn, cleaned their office, etc. And then when I was a junior and senior, I taught piano lessons. I would have loved to work for McDonalds or something like that but we had no restaurants! I worked as a server in college and feel that was a great experience. I kind of feel like everyone should work in a service job like that. It gives you perspective on what is and isn’t in the control of the waitress and makes you appreciate eating out even more (IMO).

    I also thought the Pfizer vaccine was the least painful shot I’ve ever had – and I’ve done a ton of injections between blood thinners, my RA meds, etc. Love that this was such a fun experience for Ethan. I, too, remember one on one time with my parents. As 1 of 5, it was not very common so I really treasured it when it happened. Cup of Jo did an interesting post on how one-on-one time with your kids helps w/ challenging sibling dynamics! That is something we are working on right now since Paul has some feelings of jealousy toward Will!


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