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1st day of June, covid milestones, misc.

Day 1 of June was a success, in regards to my “new goals”. Beginner’s luck, probably. Hehe.

Of course, day 1 is always pretty easy. It’s not like I really set any huge lofty goals anyway, but it still felt good to be intentional about checking a few things off.

Workout: ✅ (Did workout #79 from Morning Meltdown called Meltcon, a metabolic conditioning/full body strength workout + Re-Vibe (#80), a short stretching video).

Walk: ✅ (Went with Ivan after dinner. Was a beautiful evening!)

Ivan: “Why are you taking a picture? You always take the same pictures.” Me: “Yes, I do, so?? Be quiet and keeping walking.” 😁😁

Social Media detox: ✅ Checked my email….less times. Mostly just on desktop, but I did mindlessly open my mail app a couple times in the evening. I think it’s a sign of a BAD habit, when your fingers click on an app without you even really realizing what you’re doing…. Also stayed completely OFF Facebook/Instagram (with the exception of pulling it up for Asher to check for some pics from his team Murph event.) But we just checked the team page and then logged off.

*Felt surprisingly GREAT to not be checking social media every time I took a break, etc. My mind seriously already feels less “fragmented”. All of the in and out all the time was driving me crazy.

Also, Asher completed his Murph workout last night!! He said it was hard, but fun. The carpool mom took them for Dairy Queen ice cream after. Apparently the mile swim was “easy”, and the 100 pull-ups were very hard (even using a band).

A pic his coach posted on IG. Editing his friend’s face out for blog purposes! 🙂

ALSO- a note on a covid milestone….As of today, June 2, ALL of our county’s emergency mandates/ restrictions are lifted! Including the mask mandate we have had. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kind of can’t believe this!! In the thick of things, it sure felt like we’d never see the other side of all of this. Just have to say thank God for the vaccine! I am so grateful that where we live there has been an abundant supply of the vaccine to go around. In our county, 75% of people are now vaccinated, per reports, which is definitely higher than the national average. So, that’s a big plus around here, as restrictions lift.

I, for one, am just thrilled to have life feeling more “normal” in general. Being able to go places, see people, etc. without it feeling super risky anymore is such a relief.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for shoes. Very happy to have decent shoes to go out walking in. Something we take for granted- and probably all have a million pairs of. But not everyone does! 🙂

6 thoughts on “1st day of June, covid milestones, misc.”

  1. Our mask mandate got lifted here today. Things are so much better and the % of those vaccinated is great here in Minnesota. I haven’t seen county-level info but I know at our daycare something like 95%+ of parents are or would be fully vaccinated by June 1st so that was great. The staff vaccine rate was lower which was disappointing but I think over 60% are fully vaccinated by June 1. Hopefully that # increases but some were less motivated to get it since they had covid, some are pregnant and waiting to get it, etc. But overall, things are trending in a great direction. I’m still wearing my mask since I’m immune compromised but I know Phil will stop wearing it since he’s a healthy guy with no issues. It’s been great to see more people and introduce Will to family and friends! Seeing people is what I missed more than anything!


  2. I went t the grocery store for the first time without a mask on Monday and it felt amazing! You have inspired me to take a break from social media as well. Trying to stick to once in the morning and once at night. I need to get on board with checking my email less, definitely a bad habit over here too!


    1. Good luck!! Let me know how it goes. 🙂 So far, 2 days in, my impression is that it’s kind of like an itch….the more you scratch it, the more it itches. When it’s just not even an “option” to check it, I don’t really even think about it!


      1. So far so good, I need to work on my email checks though! I was at the point where I wanted to throw my phone out the window because I hated how much I was on it.


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