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Whew, I’m back

Hello and happy Wednesday! It’s been a while.

These last days have been FULL but fun.

Asher and I left around 2 pm Friday afternoon for a 3 day swim meet ~1 1/2 hours away (but near my parents’ house). He swam right away Friday evening, so we went straight to the pool. We got there for warm ups by 4:15, but he didn’t race until 7! :/

No spectators were allowed inside, so I got to sit in a lawn chair outside and just hang out, really. At least it was a nice evening. (He swam the 400 freestyle and did well! There was also a propped open side door right next to the pool that I got to peek in and watch him through (while still standing outside)!! Yay! First time seeing him swim in a race since February 2020.)

My little 4 year old niece from Ireland was staying at my parents’ house all weekend while her parents were out of town, so the rest of the weekend was split between a lot of time playing with her and then the swim meet both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

A couple highlights!

🔷 Mini-golf Saturday night! It was my niece’s first time, so Asher showed her the ropes. 😉 It was a gorgeous night. My parents were there, too. Afterwards, Asher and my Dad hit some balls at the driving range. (The boys LOVE to do this, but they are pretty amateur golfers yet. Need some work…). The kids got ice cream, too.

golfing with small children is always….amusing. 🙂

🔷 Asher spent a lot of time just playing with her all weekend- Candy Land, kicking a ball outside, watching a movie together, playing with toys, reading her books, etc. She is SO talkative for her age and is really quite a character. She’s so funny!

Asher is so great with kids, too. It was adorable to see them together. (They do not look related at all – she has super blond hair, very fair skin and blue eyes, and his hair is black with DARK eyes. 🙂 He is always super tan in the summer too. So cute!!)

🔷 A MAJOR highlight for Asher was his actual swim meet. He got his first ever 11-12 year old age group State cuts (in the long course 50 meter Olympic length pool) in the 50 butterfly, 100 free and 50 free. This is HUGE for the kids at this age, and punched his ticket to the long course State meet at the end of July. He was basically ecstatic. YAY Asher!!!!

hard work pays off

🔷We ended up staying overnight on Sunday, too. I wasn’t originally planning to, but Asher was begging and besides- we so rarely get to see my niece! I worked early Monday morning a while and then we went to a nearby pond with a beach before heading home. The weather was perfect all weekend and it was nice and quiet there at 9 am Monday morning:

The kids swam and played around and I just sat on a towel in the sunshine and talked to my mom. So nice!!! 🙂

It’s felt kind of chaotic since we got home mid-day Monday. I had a meeting right away at 1:30 and then worked late into the afternoon.

Ethan also has had soccer tryouts this week. He is trying out for two different clubs, so we have been gone both Monday and Tuesday nights at those, in different places nearby.

Last night’s tryouts, for his current club. I just sat at a picnic table and half watched/ half read my book. Quite nice, actually!

I missed Ethan while we were gone (well, and Ivan, but he was at work yesterday anyway…). So I went on a little solo walk with Ethan yesterday morning on a break. We caught up and talked, etc. and it was great. Walks are definitely the best way to get him chatting!!

Ivan’s been busy this week too, and I kind of threw together hodge podge meals both nights after soccer. Between unpacking our stuff, cleaning up the kitchen, etc… the nights have flown by and I feel a little tired out. We’ve been watching the Olympic Trials on TV this week though which has been FUN!!! I honestly love the sport of swimming (even though I’m not a swimmer).

Wave II this week- which means the big time names!! This is where the Olympic team is decided. Only the top 2 from each race go to Tokyo. I could never handle that pressure! My heart starts racing when they get up on the blocks and I am CLEARLY not the one competing….Probably couldn’t handle having a kid in there either. OMG! The nerves!!! And then my heart just breaks for whoever comes in 3rd…..

Okay, gotta go. I have a TON of work to do today. Tomorrow I have a bunch of meetings, including another team interview for the new position.

How is your week going??

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that Ethan had great weather for soccer tryouts. We had blazing heat here last week, which would have been awful. It’s still been warm, but not the stifling heat like last week.

4 thoughts on “Whew, I’m back”

  1. What a fun and full weekend! So fun that Asher got so much time with your niece and had so much fun entertaining her. I am sure she loved being around her big cousin and getting so much attention from him! 4 is a really really fun age! And congrats to Asher for making the state meet!! How exciting to see his hard work pay off! Glad the heat wasn’t too terrible for Ethan’s try outs. It was better here this weekend, too, except Sunday was pretty hot/humid!

    I’m feeling extra tired this week because Will has been up earlier and then Paul was up during the night last night and then up for the day at 5:45. Yawn. I really need a good night of sleep! It’s been a bad 2 week stretch between me being sick, then Will being sick, and just general bad sleeping.


  2. I feel so proud of Asher. Congrats on all his achievements!

    We were at the soccer tryouts too. After dreaming about football for such a long time, Camden convinced Isaac to give soccer another try (off two years) and he doesn’t want to do football this fall. Tryouts were a time commitment for sure, but like you, I caught up on reading ;).


    1. Thank you!! 🙂

      I’m so glad Isaac is giving soccer another try!! Asher was seriously considering trying out again this year too, after a year off. But, he realized Isaac and Camden are a different birth year (Asher is a Dec. b-day…) and also realized that 3x/week soccer= not being able to make it to swim practice very often all fall and spring (and would have to miss swim meets for soccer games/tournaments). He wasn’t sure he truly wanted to make that trade, so he decided not to go to soccer tryouts after all. I wish it were easier to do both though!! 😦


  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Solo trips with kids is so special, same with solo walks, we really enjoy them more that way. Asher is such a great swimmer and he looks so little but so strong you just be so proud. And great that he loves playing with the little girl, must be adorable. Next week Sofia will go sleep camp and I’m not sure if I’ll get panic attack not seeing him everyday nor have way to call her (only letters allowed). We will see, it will be first for all of us.


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