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Long weekend

We had a long Sat.-Sun.-Mon. weekend here in the U.S., thanks to Labor Day. We also had two of Ivan’s cousins (a brother and sister) come to stay with us for this week from Mexico City. (They’d been with an aunt in California for the past several weeks).

ALSO, Ethan had a soccer tournament in Illinois (just over the border though, so only a 1 hour drive or so).

Not surprisingly, I didn’t have a ton of down time/ solo time to blog, or get my life in order to start this workweek…but it was a fun weekend, at least!

Weekend Recap!

Friday night: Out for Mexican food (with the cousins). Got nachos, of course.

Saturday: Ethan’s soccer tournament (all of us went). He had two games (1 W, 1 L). Chipotle for lunch in between….. yum. Didn’t get home until after 6 pm. Hung out at home, went in the hot tub! (finally cooler temps outside so the hot tub is getting more use again now.)

Ethan on the field!
cheerleaders….Asher and Ivan’s cousin. Other cousin behind her…can only see his hat 🙂
hot tub selfie

Sunday: More soccer tournament. I went alone with Ethan this time (just one game). Ivan had his own soccer game at 10 am. Afternoon- went to a carne asada (Mexican “grill out”- but flank steak tacos and salsa instead of burgers) in the soccer park to celebrate Ivan’s team’s last game.

Evening- hung out at home. Took girl cousin on a walk with me. Played Sorry with Asher. 🙂 Sat on deck, talked, etc.

More soccer. Hotter day on Sunday!
at the carne asada in the park Sun. afternoon
flowers on our walk
game night….hadn’t played that one in a long time! Ethan was gone at these local midget car races with a friend’s family that evening.

Monday: We took them to a place called The House on the Rock, which is a local attraction about an hour from our house. It’s this weird and very hard to describe place….basically, a guy decided to build this big “house” on top of a huge rock (it’s not just a house, though. It’s like a big complex of buildings, really).

It became this crazy, eclectic place that he filled with strange treasures from all over the world, odd collections, self-playing instruments, the world’s largest carousel and much more. It’s honestly hard to explain, but it’s really unique! Hadn’t been there since the boys were super little, so I was glad to take them back.

in front of one of the self- playing orchestras
in one of the living rooms in the “original” house
A whole section is dedicated to the “streets of yesterday”, museum style
In the Infinity Room…room that looks like it goes on forever due to optical illusion of the windows (behind us)
the cousins + boys in front of world’s largest carousel
group timer shot outside

The House on the Rock is located in a very pretty area….it was a gorgeous drive out there. All farm fields, etc.

Ended with Olive Garden for dinner, because people were requesting Italian food and we aim to please.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that we had Monday off of work to take his cousins to do something fun! Also, his brother goes home finally tomorrow after being here for most of the summer. So this was a nice send off for him too.

6 thoughts on “Long weekend”

  1. So fun to get some more family time! The carne asada bbq sounds right up my alley! Yum! Sign me up for alllll the Mexican food. That is a cuisine I never get tired of – and it’s very very GF friendly! I haven’t been to Olive Garden in so long, but I always loved their all you can eat soup/salad combo. I would eat so much salad!!!

    This weekend felt really long for us because Pablo is going through some tough toddler behavior/lots of tantrums, I think related to transitioning to a new room at school? he’s even been waking at night w/ nighmares or something so something is going on in his little brain…


  2. What a fun weekend. Sounds like a great time with family. Did your cousins have to quarantine when coming into the US from Mexico? The reason I ask is because my cousins from England are wanting to come to visit and we’re trying to figure out if they would need to include a 2 week quarantine upon their arrival in Minnesota. I would hope not, because they are fully vaccinated. So I’d love to hear your experience.

    We went to Olive Garden AND Cracker Barrel this weekend, my dad came to town for his month in MN and he really enjoys a good chain restaurant. My dad is not one you will ever find at a fancy restaurant. He loves his simple foods. 😂


    1. Nope, no quarantine required. Even when my sister came from Ireland back in April no quarantine was required. They are fully vaccinated, but I don’t believe they had to show proof of vaccination to enter the country either. So I’m sure your family should be totally fine! Funny about your Dad- we took my brother in law to Cracker Barrel earlier this summer and he loved it. He really wanted to go back again this weekend before he goes home (flies home to Mexico today) but it didn’t end up working out! So I felt bad about that. Next time!


      1. Thank you Kae! I am so glad to hear this. I can’t wait for some of my family to come to visit and see my new home. Hope you’re having a great week. This has been the strangest one, I feel like it should be friday but it’s definitely not! lol


  3. looks like a fun weekend. it’s nice to have visitors sometime to get us out from the routine as we feel the need to show them around or do something! that house looks so fun!


  4. Oh, wow! So much family time – what a lovely weekend for all of you. I have not yet hit the House on the Rock, but I did a visit to the caves nearby (Blue Mounds?) and LOVED that. that was years ago, though! I think I’ll need company to hit the HOTR, though – it looks, um, interesting? 🙂 LOL


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