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A very Mama Mia-full weekend

Weekend Recap:

Friday night- Asher had swim practice from 6:20-7:35, so I drove him to that. After, Ivan and I went out for our pretty typical Friday night date night, to his friend’s Mexican restaurant. We, as usual, got the chicken and steak “nachos fiesta”, no sour cream, add raw jalapeno.

If you’re wondering if this fit my macros…..definitely kind of. 😉 Meaning, I did plan ahead for this and ate quite low fat/ carb all day, and I made sure to allow plenty of calories to be leftover for the evening meal.

Breakfast was an egg white scramble with zucchini and 1 slice full fat thin pepper jack, plus 1 slice of low calorie (35 cal) bread w/ 10 grams PB, banana and blackberries. Lunch was a big salad topped with deli turkey and apple. I also did actually have a protein shake for a snack plus my collagen tea (more “supplements” than usual) to up my protein, while still allowing at least 800 calories for my dinner. I chose a “nachos” entry from My Fitness Pal that seemed relatively accurate.

(We shared these nachos as our meal, and I just had 1 light beer. Plus some chips and salsa when we arrived- limited to a single basket between us!) Honestly, my calorie estimates were probably off on the nachos, but whatever. I’m not trying to be perfect with it.

Saturday was the busy day. Asher had volleyball games at 9 and 10 am, Ethan at 9 and 11, different schools. We had to leave home by 8 or so to get there early for warm-ups.

I was on “Asher duty” this time. They both won 1, lost 1. Fair enough!

Then, Asher and I headed to a Milwaukee suburb for a swim meet. He had to be there by 1:00 and we didn’t get out of there until close to 6 pm. It. was. so. hot. in there!! Pools are always hot, but this was bad. OOF. Sooooo glad I’m a seasoned swim mom and pretty much always wear a tank top (under my sweatshirt, because it was like 50 degrees outside.) My parents met up with us to watch him swim, which was very nice.

It was Asher’s first meet back since their big break/ the new season began. Let’s just say….it was a bit humbling. 😉 I had a bit of a “down” kid on my hands on the way home, but he shrugged it off pretty well.

The plan was to drive the ~1 hour and 15 minutes home and then watch the movie Mama Mia as a family. Our local High school was performing the musical, and I’d bought tickets for us all for Sunday afternoon.

The boys had never even heard of it, though. And they weren’t familiar with any of the Abba songs. So, we thought we’d watch the movie first, so the play would mean more on Sunday. Not sure it ranked up there with the Marvel movies for them, but they thought it was ok. Ethan was not maybe the biggest fan of people randomly breaking into song every 2.5 seconds, but he tolerated it and said it was “pretty good” ;). About what I would expect an almost 14 year old boy might think. hehe.

Sunday– A quiet morning for me, while Ivan went off to soccer. I mostly just puttered around, got a few things done, etc. I also did a home full body workout on Beachbody (Meltcon #79) and went for a walk. We had to be to the high school theater by 2 pm.

It was great!!!! Soooo good and very professionally done! Those kids did such an amazing job. I found myself literally swelling up with pride for kids I don’t even know. To see how much passion they clearly put into this was inspiring and made me so proud for them! And, as this was the last show (final weekend), the seniors in the main roles had an emotional moment at the end, where some broke down in tears during the final farewell song. This was their last time on stage before graduating soon…. The crowd gave them a standing ovation. So sweet. 🙂 I hope they all go on to do wonderful things. ❤️

Post-show, we wanted to go get some dinner, but every place we tried had a long wait list (every place said it was due to staffing shortages….ughhh…..frustrating times all around). Finally we got in at an Applebee’s. Not our favorite place, but we were short on time before Ethan’s Sunday night tennis class. After stopping at a bunch of places, by this point we just needed to get in somewhere.

Ethan watching some sporting event on the bar TV.

I got this “Tex-Mex Shrimp bowl” and a hot tea.

Had a HUGE scoop of guac on it…I found this entry in MFP and just estimated the portion, as I didn’t finish the whole thing. And I didn’t eat all the rice.

We dropped Asher and Ivan at home, and I took Ethan over to tennis. I decided to just sit in the car and wait for him, and spent most of the time adding a bunch of stuff to my cart on I need some new clothes.

Back at home, Asher asked me to hit the volleyball around outside on the driveway with him for a bit. He ordered one of the “lite” volleyballs like they use at practice online, and it had just arrived, so he wanted to try it out.

It was getting a little late, but we ended up deciding to watch the SECOND Mama Mia movie!! hahaha!! How much Mama Mia can one fit into a single weekend. The boys actually wanted to watch it- I had told them it was a more recent release (more modern style movie). The original came out in 2008, but even that kind of looks “old” by now. Crazy.

I really love the second one! I’ve seen it 3-4 times. I might like the music better than in the original! And the cast is so great. I also have a bit of a girl crush on Lily James in this one. She is gorgeous in it and looks like this total free spirit with this infectious smile and energy. Just makes me happy to watch her. 🙂 The scenery in Greece is wonderful too.

Mid-popcorn bites. They were pretty into this one! More than the first, I think. Some material maybe a bit racy/suggestive, but oh well…they are getting old enough to deal with it now. Can’t bury their heads in the sand forever.

They got to bed a little too late….oops. But it was fun. I do wish I had another day off now to just get some things done around here. This wasn’t the most productive weekend, in terms of household duties and stuff. (shrug).

Thoughts of the Day:

I believe in angels….something good in everything I see…..I have a dream…a song, to sing….” – (from Mama Mia)

Favorite quote from Mama Mia 2, from the old fiesty Greek lady, to Sam after he’s lied to Donna : “It’s called karma, and it’s pronounced HA!” 😂

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the great show we saw. Hadn’t been to any in person shows like this (well, besides the middle school’s Peter Pan) in a very long time.

8 thoughts on “A very Mama Mia-full weekend”

  1. There is something wonderful, but also slightly jarring about characters “randomly breaking into song every 2.5 seconds.”
    Oh how I love musicals (and thankfully the rest of my family does too).
    The production looks top-notch and what a fun family activity which trickles outside of the main event because of the movies. Fun, fun!


    1. That’s great your family does!! My older son would probably be a “pass” if left to his own devices, but tolerates them with a decent attitude. My younger son seems a little more interested in them, maybe….although neither one belts out show tunes in their free time, though. hahaha.


  2. I love Mama Mia! I saw it for the first time when I was studying abroad in Australia, and then again in Minneapolis, I think. It’s a fun show. That is great that the kids put on such a good show. Phil’s mom recently saw a HS production at the school she used to teach at and she said it was so good! I have seen the first Mama Mia movie but not the 2nd. I am pretty sure I could NOT get Phil to watch that, though. I was randomly singing some of the songs from Mama Mia a week ago during dinner. Paul and Will get a kick out of my singing and dancing!

    That is a full but fun weekend! The hot pool sounds unpleasant! That is how the pool at our swimming lessons place is (Foss is the chain). The water is warmed to like 90+ degrees to make it more inviting for the kids, and the pool area is so warm! It feels good on a cold day but not when you aren’t in the water!!


  3. sounds like a perfect weekend! I must admit, I haven’t watched Mama Mia, because I don’t like musicals much but it sounds like a good movie to watch with the girls.
    good job on keeping the macro in check despite eating out. I find eating out so much harder if you have to track, not knowing the ingredients and the portion sizes. and stop at nachos??? that’s impossible once you start. hahaha…. but you planned ahead so that’s awesome.
    staying a bit late one night to do something special totally worth it. we had movie night with the girls and they usually go bed a bit later. they wake up at the same time and usually a bit tired than usual so they learn cause and consequence. hahah 🙂


  4. Oh what a wonderful event to go to as a family. I love musicals. There’s something magical about them.

    Also: those nachos look amazing right about now. I am hungry!


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