Day 13: Acadia to Scranton, PA

All good things must come to an end, of course. Thursday morning was our day to pack it up and head towards home.

First, a picture from Wednesday that I forgot to insert… the classic “pose for a picture with the National park sign” shot. 🙂

We drove by these signs repeatedly during the week but never stopped. Finally on our last night I got my chance- AND they were dressed nice for dinner! Bonus. 🙂

We all agreed we would try to be ready to leave by around 8:30 a.m on Thursday morning.

It was another beautiful morning, so I went down for some tea and tried to make sure to snap some pictures of our hotel. I sometimes forget to do that, but I like looking back on those smaller details.

Tea and coffee station in the little guest house.
The tide board! I think mostly for people who want to visit that Bar Island I shared about yesterday. Important to know when high tide comes back in!

I sat for a little bit and just tried to enjoy the view one more time.

The pool area:

Nice little pool.. just wished they had had a hot tub!! That would have been perfect. Many places didn’t seem to, though, when I was searching for lodging.

Main office building:

Our building was on the far left. It’s a small motel- just these two buildings. Never felt crowded with people at all! Some places around Bar Harbor looked very large and busy.

For this type of trip, I wouldn’t have liked that. I really enjoyed the peace, quiet and natural setting here a lot. Still just a 5 minute drive from the shops/restaurants (and also not far from the actual National park/hiking trails), but out a ways in a quiet area.

All rooms have a balcony or patio
The backside/our parking lot area to enter room (opposite from balcony side)
The boys ready to check out
Van packed up, ready to go!

* For anyone interested, our motel was called Acadia Ocean View Motel.

We made it to Scranton, Pennsylvania (where we had a hotel reserved). We drove about 8 1/2- 9 hours, which is plenty for us for one day.

We are not really “drive til you drop” road trippers. It is more enjoyable to take it at a moderate pace, even if it means it takes a little longer. Definitely not interested in “driving straight through” on a 22 hour drive.

A bunch of rain for a while in Massachussets/Connecticut area. Yuck. Not a fan of that.
Sun out in Pennsylvania
Passed through the Pocono Mountains, which looks like a quite lovely area, too!! Future trip idea?? 🤔

Finally made it to our hotel. Felt good to get out of the van. Relaxed a bit, got dinner, and called it a night.

Pretty view from our highway-side hotel room window (minus the cars and parking lot).

Daily gratitude: I am grateful for a safe drive through that heavy rain.

5 thoughts on “Day 13: Acadia to Scranton, PA”

  1. I can’t believe your trip was almost 2 weeks long. I have loved every single post. Do you have a favorite stop? Favorite hotel you stayed at? Least Favorite hotel/air bnb? Would you have done anything differently or gone anywhere different? I know my parents are getting ready to head back in the next week or two. They’ve loved being away but they are both saying they’re ready to be back and to get back to work! Haha!


    1. Gosh, picking a favorite feels impossible! I will have to think on this. These questions would make a good post. 🙂 Honestly though, I just feel sooo pleased with how everything turned out. I kept saying that to my family, that I felt so lucky that everything “worked out” like I had planned. You know, sometimes when you haven’t been somewhere before, it’s hard to really know what it will be like/if what you planned will be like you think it will be… but literally everything I planned this time worked out great! I think the only thing I wish I had had more time for would have been getting up to the Waterbury/Stowe area of Vermont (we had to skip that northern piece due to time constraints), and I would have liked probably one more day in the White Mountains! And I would have liked to see Camden, Maine on the way by up the coast. But that would all be assuming that I could add even more days!! For a trip of our length, I think if I did it again, I would leave everything just as it was! I wouldn’t have wanted to swap anything out.


      1. Kae, I think you need to make a post out of the questions then! 😉
        Maybe you should look into doing vacation planning as a “side hustle”. I am sure the boys were very grateful for the trip and hopefully your parents enjoyed themselves too. Also, a few more questions for you for that “post”: how do you approach budgeting for your trips? What do you “spend” on (food, hotel, souvenirs, activities, etc.) and What do you choose to save or “scrimp” on?? I know when we travel we ALWAYS spend on hotel and activities and will usually save on food and souvenirs. lol


  2. what a wonderful trip. I can’t wait to do a road trip with the family. I like that you’re relaxed about most things.. I think that’s a good mental space when on vacation… not stress about vacation is key to a relaxing vacation. 22 hrs straight? no way with the kids or myself hahah… it must be nice to head home after 2 weeks, to back to routine again. I love that feeling at the end of the vacation… bittersweet but comforting


  3. I’d need to break up the drive as well! 8-9 hours is still a lot of driving for one day! It is crazy how tiring driving can be! Ha! I am glad that you had such a wonderful time and that all of your planning paid off. I look forward to a time when we can do trips like this. It’s so far off for us (I’m still cringing thinking about the 3.5 hour drive with our boys – was thinking we’d go up to my parents this fall but cannot bear to repeat that experience…)


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