A few laughs + pandemic memories

Yesterday I sorted through and cleaned out my April 2020 photo folder. As you all would know, April 2020 was when most of the world was on pretty tight lockdown mode. In the U.S., in our region, this was the strictest, most extreme lockdown period we ever had, I'd say. Literally everything was closed and/… Continue reading A few laughs + pandemic memories

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The summer planning blues

Ha, please ignore my dramatic title. 😆 But seriously, it's that time of year....SUMMER PLANNING TIME. Wait, what? There's snow on the ground. It's January 28. My brain is so far from summer I might as well have left it in Mexico. Nevertheless, apparently in camp-world it is summertime. Registration opens for the traditional weeklong… Continue reading The summer planning blues


Sunday gratitude and cuteness

Slipping in an unrelated photo of Ethan to start with.... outside his first ever piano competition yesterday! He looked so cute to me. And he played beautifully. 🙂 Last night Ivan was trying to figure out the date of something coming up, and asked, "Wait, what's the date today?" I replied, as usual, that I… Continue reading Sunday gratitude and cuteness


Wednesday misc: clothes, funny comments, vaccines

FINALLY a better day all around yesterday. Gym ☑️Work ☑️Piano lessons ☑️Basketball parent meeting ☑️ Also, a morning walk. I liked this nice little red tree. Closet clean-out: I also ended up with a quiet, empty house post-basketball meeting, because Ivan took the boys to a movie. (I forget which one- some new action/ superhero/… Continue reading Wednesday misc: clothes, funny comments, vaccines

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Disappointment and (semi)resolution

We haven't made too much in way of plans for the summer yet for the kids. The big "anchors" were supposed to be: Ethan- *summer camp with friend (the traditional outdoors kind- canoeing, games, bonfires, swimming, etc.)*local track program*??? Maybe a coding class or day camp or something Asher-*overnight swim camp with best swim friend… Continue reading Disappointment and (semi)resolution