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Tech Use/ Screen Time Widget + early 2023

If one of your goals for this year is to decrease mindless phone/ tech use, check out this article from Techno Sapiens! She shares a bunch of great ideas for ways to cut back on your screen time. Even though I haven't included cutting screen time as a major goal for my year (those are… Continue reading Tech Use/ Screen Time Widget + early 2023

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2022 Word of the Year

It's February 16, so we're technically still in the beginning of the year. Right? Not too late for some "New Year's-esque" posts. Last year in 2021 my word was PEACE. I had picked that obviously very mid-pandemic- end of 2020/ early 2021. But for me, that choice wasn't really about the pandemic specifically or making… Continue reading 2022 Word of the Year

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Happy New Year + a new challenge

Just unboxed my new desk calendar, so it's official- 2022 is here!! I don't feel totally ready for the new year, meaning that I don't have my planner all set up and my goals list is still a work in progress (with question marks, circles, asterisks, cross outs all over the scratch paper I started… Continue reading Happy New Year + a new challenge