I’m tired of covid

I haven’t written much about covid lately. Back when the blog was new (and the pandemic was new), I feel like I wrote about it all the time.

I am just so over it, I can barely stand to talk about it, much less write about it.

I am just so tired of covid.

I am tired of the debates.

I am tired of hearing about case numbers- up, down, whatever. I don’t care. I don’t want to hear about it.

I am tired of school being affected by covid. This is the third school year now. When covid started, Ethan was in 5th grade. Now he is a 7th grader.

I am tired of hearing about cases in people we know. It’s not that I don’t care about them. I do, very much. But I’m just tired of this even being a “thing”. I’m tired of everyone trying to figure out if they were a “close contact”. At this point, can’t we just assume covid is everywhere?

I am tired of making covid related decisions. What is okay for the kids to do? How many people are too many? How do we balance “risk” with other needs (like social life and mental health for developing kids)? Also at this point, I feel like going crazy trying to “avoid” covid is like trying to avoid smoke at a bonfire. I cannot even count how many times I’ve had the stomach flu, cold viruses, etc over the years, so I’m pretty sure I’m not going to magically escape covid for the rest of eternity. Doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon…. (not that I want to get it, at all! Obviously. I just feel like it’s worth being realistic about my odds.)

I am tired of people judging each other. Either people are too relaxed. Too strict. Too worried. Not worried enough. Too this. Too that.

I am tired of wearing a mask. Used to it, okay with it- yes. Like it? No.

I am tired of life just feeling “weird”. Yes, things are open again and life has resumed, mostly. But the world is still very, very much dealing with a pandemic.

I am tired (and very sad) about people we personally know who have died or been ill with covid.

I am tired of things being “ruined” for people…like all the highschoolers in our town last week who were trying to have an “outdoor” homecoming dance on the football field. But then it started to thunderstorm barely 30 minutes into it, and they all had to go home, in their fancy dresses. So, no homecoming dance. Again.

I am tired of things like the phrase “because, you know, covid” when people describe why something/ an event/ whatever has to be done in some weird way to accommodate covid precautions.

I’m tired of graphs, charts, and trends.

I am tired of hearing news anchors talk about covid. And all the constant stories about covid. And the email updates about covid from work. And school.

I am tired of there being an effective vaccine to prevent serious illness from covid, yet many people who could safely receive it, won’t.

I am tired of some lingering “covid precautions” that at this point in the pandemic don’t even make any sense. (Like random services or things that are “closed” due to the pandemic, despite everything else being open anyway….sometimes it just doesn’t make any practical sense. Or like not being able squeeze your own ketchup out of a bottle at a restaurant….I’ll take my chances, please give me a ketchup bottle.)

I am tired of not being able to confidently make certain future travel plans, because I still don’t entirely know what the world will look like, especially internationally, in 6 months, 12 month or 18 months.

I am tired of the underlying “feeling” of unease with just everything. The constant uncertainty.

I guess that’s everything that comes to mind right now.

(Back to my regularly programmed positivity tomorrow! 🙂 )

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Ivan and his brother (who also lives here) being able to fly to Mexico tonight! Usually Ivan goes at least once a year by himself to visit his family, but he hasn’t been able to go for almost a couple of years now. His parents are sooooo excited. Especially his Dad, who he hasn’t seen at all since the pandemic started.

2 thoughts on “I’m tired of covid”

  1. you know what I’d say right? hahaha…. more than tired, exhausted of the covid. I especially like your points of judging people for making different decisions about covid. It’s not easy to respect others choices when they affect our lives, but what else. I also second on the risk taking calculation that comes to mind in a daily basis, especially when I know the consequence of getting covid could be large, so it’s really hard. I feel having a debate in my mind all the time. Life should go on, pandemic its not going away, each day is a new day that we should make the best out of it, but we want to make it in a responsible way. so hard.
    I don’t follow covid news much anymore. Until I hear an effective medicine to cure covid, nothing else would change the course of the pandemic for the time being.
    Hang in there Kae, let’s keep hopeful and be grateful for what we have.


  2. Covid fatigue is real. I’m tired of it, too. I look forward to my kids being eligible for the vaccine but that’s probably a Q1 2022 possibility? Phil got a fever and the aches this afternoon so he is going to get tested at 4. I hope and pray it’s negative because I hate the thought of a quarantine! But we haven’t had to do that since last fall so the past year has been better than I thought it would be? But it’s sucky that we are still worrying about this and factoring it into decisions. I think we all felt so optimistic about how the vaccine would impact our lives but the low uptake on it is not helping matters. 😦 I am relieved that the % of vaccinated people is pretty good here in Minnesota and so far we aren’t having a bad surge (I don’t even know what surge it would be – 3rd? 4th? 5th?). I will say I don’t see much/hear much about covid. I either don’t read the news stories or don’t hear about it on the news – and we watch less news these days. So that is helpful because I can only handle so much covid info. I was really disappointed to get an email from daycare that said it is not acceptable to scream at staff over covid policy decisions! How appalling. If you disagree about the daycare’s policies, TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE PROGRAM AND FIND A DIFFERENT DAYCARE. Sheesh. I don’t envy the daycare or schools in general for having to handle covid!!


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