Adding more CARDIO + facing personal truths

I've mentioned that my current workout "plan" (in air quotes because it was quite hit or miss in November on how much I followed "the plan") is from EmPowered Fitness and basically looks like this: Day 1: Legs Day 2: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps/Abs + 20 minutes cardio Day 3: Back and Biceps + 20 minutes cardio Day… Continue reading Adding more CARDIO + facing personal truths

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Today’s thoughts: Work + Health

WORK: Work has been a bit intense lately. The long vacation break was very restorative for me, but I returned to sort of a chaotic scene. I mentioned before that I'm newly responsible for covering a bunch of tasks for someone who recently left. All in all, it's going okay, but you know how it… Continue reading Today’s thoughts: Work + Health

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Fake spring & workout completion!

I knew it would always does. We had the most gorgeous weather last week. We hit 60 degrees, the kids even wore SHORTS to school almost everyday (ridiculous- it was not that warm, but whatever. I am 100% over arguing with small people about what they will or will not wear, considering that it… Continue reading Fake spring & workout completion!