3 Things Thursday: School, workouts, covid

  1. Today is the last day of summer school already!

I know Asher started a week late, but these last few weeks have flown by. This morning he wraps it up. He has seemed to REALLY enjoy it, despite “being the only boy” in a couple of his art classes.

I’m glad to see him enthused about getting up and going off to do something during the day.

Honestly, I wish I saw some of that same enthusiasm in his brother… 😏 Not sure if it’s the “teen” coming out or what, but this summer Ethan seems just all about either a) “hanging out” i.e. playing video games on the couch in his PJs or b) being with his friends constantly.

I mean, I’m glad to see him having fun with his friends, playing at the park/ gym/outside/swimming, etc. but it seems like FRIENDS are such a huge driving force right now! Like life kind of revolves around that at the moment. Normal? Probably? I don’t even know. I’m trying to not overthink it because he really only has ~1 week of “freedom” left.

The first week of August he has a coding camp every afternoon and then we leave on vacation for 2 weeks. When we get back, they start SCHOOL already 3 days later! So, trying to just let it ride.

Asher showing me a canvas painting he made at school. I’ve been meeting him to walk home and loving that. ❤

2. I started a new workout program on Beachbody.

My workouts are probably really a topic for another day. I’m not overall thrilled with my motivation/ dedication in general this past….year? I feel like I totally cop out way too often lately and it annoys me. Then again, life is busy and I think there’s been some uncertainty about how to handle life again as we re-emerge from the covid year.

I’m trying to give myself grace in this area, but I’m not sure I actually need grace. I think I maybe just need more of a kick in the pants. LOL. (Since I journal, I can easily look back at how I spent my days. I can see lots of times where it wasn’t really that I didn’t have time. I just…did other stuff. Or didn’t prioritize it at all.)

Anyway, I just finished up Morning Meltdown 100 for the second time yesterday. I had been slowly working through those 100 workouts again.

I haven’t been back to the gym now really this summer, despite trying to reintroduce that this winter/spring. Ugh. (again, topic for another day.)

I decided that since we have ~2 1/2 weeks left until vacation, I will not even attempt gym workouts right now and am just going to try out this #MBF program (Muscle Burns Fat) instead. It’s only 3 weeks long, and the workouts are around 30 minutes each. Seems reasonable and realistic. I know my next few weeks leading up to vacay will be busy, so trying to be real about what I’ll actually do.

Day 1 lower body was fun! I liked it.

3. Please, for the love of God, don’t let Covid mess up our lives again.

Gotta say, I’m silently panicking just a tiny bit over the current Covid trends everywhere rising. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I feel like I literally cannot even handle the thought of things going back to how they were. I’ve been trying to not even really think about it too much.

What does flit through my mind are mostly thoughts about the kids, school, their activities, etc for this upcoming year.

As I think everyone does, I just really, really, really want a normal school year. I want the kids’ sports to happen, their tournaments and games and meets to happen, I want the kids to be able to try school volleyball, I want them in the classroom, I want it all!

I am, at least, encouraged by the fact that the overwhelming majority of hospitalizations/ serious cases are in the unvaccinated. (That came out wrong. What I mean is, we and pretty much everyone I know are vaccinated. So, I feel less anxiety about actual COVID impacting my family/friends in a horrible way. Not zero anxiety, but way less than before.)

Ok, gotta go get Asher up for his last day of school! Have a great day.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for Asher having the opportunity to take some art classes this summer.

1 thought on “3 Things Thursday: School, workouts, covid”

  1. I’m so glad my kids aren’t school-aged. I felt this way last year, too. Granted, it is really hard being an older mom w/ the night wake ups and such, but I’m relieved we haven’t had to juggle virtual school, etc. I really hope school is normalish this year? Things in Mn continue to be ok – our cases aren’t skyrocketing like other areas since our % of vaccinated people is pretty good and our county is pretty good, too. We’ll see what happens come September, though. It’s frustrating to me as much of the rise seemed preventable if more people got vaccinated!

    Good luck with your new program! I bet that calendar will be motivating for you! I have not done many beach body workouts. It’s taking me months to get through the 21 day fix program. 😉 I only do 1-2 a week as running is a priority for me right now and I don’t have it in me to run AND do a BB workout. But come late fall/winter, I will barely run and will instead do more of those workouts. I’m finally in a good groove of working out 4-5 times/ week but this is the first time I’ve gotten back in the groove since 2017!!! So I took a LONG break from consistently working out and if not for being able to WFH, I wouldn’t be able to workout this much as I don’t have the motivation to get up at 5 to workout!

    It’s crazy to hear how soon your kids will be back at school! And I feel like Asher JUST started summer school. Glad he had a great experience. His canvas art project is so pretty! Well done, kiddo! Ethan sounds like a typical super social teen. I was not like that because I was an introvert and we lived in a rural area so I had very few kids that lived around me. That Ethan is totally how my older extroverted brother was!


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