Garden, Household

Landscaping and Garden Haul

As I mentioned yesterday, I usually end up doing some yard work, garden planting or flower planting over Memorial Day weekend.  My typical “spring garden haul” includes a bunch of annuals for our front rock bed (mostly perennials, but I have planted a bunch of new ones and the majority just don’t come back….I don’t know. I think the soil…

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Holidays, Kids, Weekends

Creative Play and Another COVID Holiday Weekend

Good Saturday morning and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 😊 Here we go, another holiday. This one “feels” a little more disrupted to me in some ways than the others (Easter and Mother’s Day), I think maybe because we don’t usually have majorly traditional plans on either of those holidays in our household. We don’t actually really have specific traditional Memorial…

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Friday 5

Friday Fives: Loves, Challenges and Food!

After what I feel was a week of sort of heavier, slightly emotional posts, I’m in the mood to do a fun Friday 5 post! I’m going to share 5 Loves, 5 Challenges and 5 Things I Enjoyed Eating (because why not?!) from the week. Let’s start with the positives! 5 Loves: 1. News last night that Asher’s COVID-19 test was…

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Our Field Trip to the COVID Testing Center….

So, I hadn’t mentioned this yet, but this past Sunday Asher suddenly started complaining of a headache and was bit lethargic. By the evening he felt really warm, so we checked his temp. 102.9! Yikes. Trying to get his vitamins in….he has been super into making frozen berry smoothies every morning!  Normally I wouldn’t really be that concerned and would…

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Deep thoughts, Wisdom

My Gratitude Journey

My cover or “theme” photo for this blog and a picture I feel sort of embodies this whole gratitude movement to me. This photo was taken in Canyonlands National Park, Utah last August while I was vacationing with my family. It was one of those moments that I just felt overwhelmed by the vast openness and beauty of the enormous…

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