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In a good place

(exhale/ big sigh of relief…..)

I feel like I’m actually in a really good place with my big “Christmas To Do” list!! And it is such a relief, because it’s only November 29th. (Which is also my Dad’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Love you.)

I have to say a word of gratitude though, for help from people. This year it feels I’ve had a little more help than usual from my husband on holiday prep stuff and that’s been a bit of a game changer. My mom also helped with a bunch of items on the list over the holiday weekend while in town.

Here’s my current status, looking at the list in my planner: (and I realize many of these items probably seem plain WEIRD to others who don’t decorate as much as I do!)

  • upstairs/main level Christmas decorations- DONE (I did this w/ boys, Ivan helped lug all the boxes around!)
  • outside decorations up- DONE (Ivan did this, minus a small section I had to redo due to some faulty garland lights).
  • Christmas village/houses up in the sunroom- DONE (my Mom/boys did this). See pic above! I LOVE THIS.
  • basement rec room Christmas decorations up- DONE (my MOM did this for me! We celebrate Christmas Eve in our basement around our bar down there, so….we have a tradition of decorating the whole basement! It’s a lot of work. But, it’s so, so lovely when it’s done! And makes Xmas Eve so fun.)
  • Asher’s birthday party plans figured out/communicated to friends- DONE (me)
  • Asher’s birthday GIFTS purchased – mostly DONE (me/ Ivan). *Need to go through some stuff we ordered tonight and double check status. His birthday is Thursday!
  • Christmas gifts bought for everyone- in progress, but decent start! Ivan has bought a BUNCH of stuff already. Not “done”, but we’ve definitely made a dent. yay!
  • St. Nick’s Day stocking stuffers bought- DONE. (*This is a tradition celebrated on the morning of December 6th that was very popular in the region I grew up in. We had lots of German ancestry in that area, and I think this was a popular tradition there. Anyway, we always did it as a kid, so I do it for my boys.)
  • Make Christmas cookies- not at all yet. Totally fine- we have plenty of time for this.
  • Put up the Christmas tree! (me) and decorated it (everyone)
  • Put up the small Christmas tree in the basement (me)
  • Almost forgot- I ordered our Christmas cards on Friday!! ✅✅

We also worked together and finished the fall yard clean up this weekend- another big item off the list (and our leaves finally mostly fell….).

AND- Ivan scored major brownie points when he volunteered to run a bunch of errands for me yesterday. I had things that needed to be returned to 3 different stores (some holiday lights I had bought from Target, some pants from the mall that didn’t work and some curtains for Asher’s room from Bed, Bath and Beyond that were too long).

Yesterday morning I was like, “Ughhhh I don’t feel like going out and about to take all this stuff back….” So he said he could run it all back for me, no problem! YAY!! I stayed home and got the trees up (#teamfaketree) and did a bunch of other stuff with the boys.

Then, last night, we all decorated the tree! (more on that tomorrow).

Asher also decorated his own bedroom on Saturday night:

He did it all himself! He is VERY excited and very proud of this. When he finished, he called us in to see, and Ivan rolled his eyes (in a nice way) and said, “Ay, si eres hijo de tu madre“. (Oh boy, you sure are your mother’s son.” 😂😂)

Sneak peak of the tree…when we finished decorating it, we all hung out and watched 2 episodes of “The Babysitters Club” before bed.

We have about 425 toss pillows in our house, but I guess a soccer ball makes a better pillow. (That’s Claudia on the screen, if you’ve read the series. 🙂 )

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for my Dad. He’s a 1 in a billion type of guy.

2 thoughts on “In a good place”

  1. Oh wow. Your decorations look lovely! It looks like a perfectly cheery setting and I can’t believe how many things you whizzed through on that To-Do list. Gold stars. I especially love the Christmas village. My Mom always had one set up on top of her piano and it was one of my favourite decorations at Christmas time!

    My Monday has started off…glum. We’ve had two weeks of bad weather and the 10-day forecast is all more of the same. This morning we had snow, freezing rain, and now rain. I am so over it. Actually I’ve decided I am going to make good use of the work flexibility I have and go take a nap after lunchtime because I just want this day to end. And, also, it has been weeks since I took a nap.

    So your little dose of cozy was a bright spot in my day. Also, when can you move onto my street and do my decorations!?


  2. Wow you got a lot of stuff done! And yay for Ivan for handling those returns. I hate pesky tasks like that!

    We do not do much for decorations – just our tree! I would like to do something outdoors some day but I need to be in a different stage of life where I have more energy. Ha!

    I love that Asher decorated his room, and I love Ivan’s comment about it!! Hee hee.

    We are bringing out our advent calendar tomorrow – it’s a little house-looking thing with drawers for each day. Each day he’ll get 3 m&ms and then every 1-3 days there will be a slip that says ‘pick a present’. This year I bought a bunch of Christmas books. So I think he’ll love unwrapping those throughout the month. I need to figure out if I want to decorate cookies w/ him. I usually do a Christmas cookie decorating party w/ my college friends and their kids but decided to skip it again this year until my boys are vaxxed. Hopefully next year we can resume that tradition!


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