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Summer screen time plan: Downtime

Summer vacation is a mere two days away now!! We've been trying to start thinking through our summer screen time plans. I think we might be onto something that will work for us, and it involves the use of the iPhone's "Downtime" feature. We tried to think about what matters to our boys, and discussed… Continue reading Summer screen time plan: Downtime

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A phone use argument with teens + Mother’s Day weekend

Phones at school Last week we got into a big "discussion" with the boys about taking their phones to school (or not). Ever since they got cell phones around Christmastime, we have not allowed their phones to go to school with them. What for?! They are at school. Well, during play rehearsals a couple weeks… Continue reading A phone use argument with teens + Mother’s Day weekend

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Not my week/ March social media plans

This has just not been my week. I can't believe it's Friday already, but also am glad that it is. Monday- Tuesday were spent feeling crummy with my cold, which got significantly more unpleasant as Monday progressed. I've sneezed about 7,246 times this week. Tuesday I ended up logging off of work by 10 am… Continue reading Not my week/ March social media plans


Weird Facebook realization/ newsfeed exercise

So there's always a lot of talk these days about social media, etc... it's evil/ it's valuable!/ it's terrible/ it's great! Seems like many people want to cut back their use, but yet, it's addicting. I am certainly guilty as charged, too- I feel like I still look at Facebook way more than I should,… Continue reading Weird Facebook realization/ newsfeed exercise


A phone use hack- Do Not Disturb mode

The problem: I've wrestled for a long time (-years-) with my phone feeling like a distraction. In general, but especially during working hours. I tend to time block my best, "deep work" blocks (usually 1 hour blocks), and I hate getting interrupted during them. That's when I put my head down and really just WORK.… Continue reading A phone use hack- Do Not Disturb mode