Sunday gratitude and cuteness

Slipping in an unrelated photo of Ethan to start with…. outside his first ever piano competition yesterday! He looked so cute to me. And he played beautifully. 🙂

Last night Ivan was trying to figure out the date of something coming up, and asked, “Wait, what’s the date today?” I replied, as usual, that I had no idea…. (despite looking at my planner/calendar many times per day, I am exceptionally good at never knowing what the actual date is! I guess I just breeze past the big number on the page.).

I tapped my phone and saw that it was November 13th already!! I said, Gosh, it is the 13th already?? I feel like it was JUST Halloween and November just started!

Anyway. This month is cruising by.

All of this to say, it made me realize that Thanksgiving is very near. And we are really getting into the “reflection” season of the year- the time to pause and appreciate what we are thankful for, reflect on the year that is ending, and ponder what we what hope the upcoming year will look like.

So, in honor of all of that, I want to start sharing some more specific GRATITUDE related content, to help keep my own wheels spinning. I’m not an organized enough blogger to have some big master plan or scheduled series, but I just want to throw some more of that in this next month or two. 🙂

Starting with today…..a specific gratitude prompt. I have a bunch of these I want to work through. I am obviously very good at practicing daily gratitude, but it’s a little different exercise to answer specific prompts. Try it!

Something money can’t buy that I’m grateful for is:


I had to think on this one… not because it’s really “hard”, because I know there are many things I’m grateful for that money can’t buy. My health. The feeling of sunshine on your face. The changing seasons. A hug from my kids. Etc.

But it is hard to narrow it down to answer for a gratitude prompt, to pick the one thing that is really speaking to you in the moment.

So, I choose HUMOR! It’s free (well, I suppose you can pay for it in the form of a comedy show or something, but it’s usually free!). It’s FUN and it’s great and it makes you smile and feel happy.

I like to play with humor on this blog! I wouldn’t say that I’m the world’s funniest person (🤣), but I do think I have a pretty light and easy sense of humor and I enjoy applying humor to everyday life.

We re-watched the comedy This is 40 last night before bed (definitely not with the kids- it is very R rated, some of which I could do without…but overall it’s still quite funny and it felt good to laugh and unwind).

I also saw this memory pop up of something I posted a couple years ago, which still made me laugh today:

Gosh, I just love this! So perfect.

What is something money can’t buy that you are grateful for?

Also, in closing- MORE CUTENESS!

My tiny furry friend, eating a sunflower seed. 🙂

(This one is Steel, Asher’s hamster. He’s the smaller of the two and he is SO CUTE. Just look at his itty bitty paws holding the seed…😍.)

4 thoughts on “Sunday gratitude and cuteness”

  1. Grateful for sunshine. It boosts my spirits, and because I’m always cold, when the sun shines our dining room gets warm and cozy which always boosts my spirits.

    And that introvert poster – that summarizes me to a “T.” Hilarious.

    Love these gratitude prompts. Today was a tough day for me – and this was a boost I really needed.

    Hopefully I’ll soon be grateful for an early bedtime for myself!? Everything looks better after a good night of sleep.


  2. I agree that humor is free and makes us so joyful.. we need more of that in life. n
    I’m grateful to beautiful sunsets from our 32rd floor. It doesn’t happen everyday, but when it happens I’m always so grateful no matter how many times I’ve seen.


  3. Aww, Ethan looks so cute! Also, I feel like he is built like our Paul will be – very slim and trim!

    My husband is very very funny so I do not feel very funny in comparison to him! But I definitely appreciate the humor he brings to situations even though I often say “That’s not funny!” He writes as humor section every month for his company’s finance publication and is very well-known for it. So he has an impressive gift of humor and wit.

    What I’m most thankful for that money can’t buy in my health! Being pregnant is so hard on me for multiple reasons but especially because of my RA I was flat out miserable for so much of 2020 between pregnancy and RA flares and then continued to have them post partum until we switched my injection in May. And now I haven’t had a flare since! It is wonderful to not be in pain and to be as active as I want to be! Being in pain really reminds you to be grateful for NOT being in pain!

    Oh and I forgot to comment that I haven’t seen Bad Moms or Bad Moms Christmas but it sounds like I need to find time to watch both of them. I also haven’t seen This is 40. I have seen so few movies. Phil has learned to stop quoting from movies because I never understand the reference!


    1. I forget movie plots immediately after I watch them. My husband and one of my best friends both have this uncanny knack of remembering quotes (including long ones and bizarre ones and everything in between) from every movie ever made and it blows my mind.

      Also, my husband is hilarious, too. Compared to him I’m stoic, but I really feel like I’m 100x funnier than when I met him, though, so at least a bit of it has rubbed off!


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